Fake It For Real By Weston Parker

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Fake It For Real (A Faux Love Novel Book 4) By Weston Parker


Book/Novel Author: Weston Parker

Book/Novel Title: Fake It For Real



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Needing a fake date in a hurry leads to intense awkwardness.Especially when your dumbass chooses a girl from the dating service that looks a little familiar.Like “we got drunk and married in Vegas one night” familiar.Cause we did.But she needs money badly. And taking the beautiful girl to Greece with me for the week isn’t going to be work at all.I fell for her once, and I can surely see why.My family is good with it until my grandmother uncovers our lie.To say she’s mad, mean, and vicious would be an understatement.But my family can take a backseat this time because this woman is mine.We’ll fake it for now, fake it for a while, and then…We’ll fake it for real.Every good girl deserves a bad boy. ~ Weston
The book was okay. It was a little slow. Too much time was spent on the main characters’ back stories. It could have been conveyed with less detail. I was expecting a different spin on romance since this writer is male, but it was pretty much the same as all the other romance novels written by women. I was hoping for a more male perspective.The characters were okay. Nothing about them stood out. The fact that the author described Athens as the Prettiest city on the planet makes me wonder if he has ever been to Athens. Perhaps he should have used one of the islands as the location, such as Hydra.
Two different lives one crazy night and destiny with a dose of fate brings a love story for a romantic heart. Loose yourself with laughter, tears and a hopeful heart.
The characters are believable. The descriptions of the scenery was like watching a movie, not ready a book . I love happy endings , but it’s really all about the trip to the ending ,isn’t it ?
I loved this book and these characters but you totally left it hanging wide open! I need a solid ending. I need to know what happens after the HEA! Please! That was an explosive storyline there in the end and you just cut it all off! It ruins the rest of the book to leave it hanging that way.Other than that, good job.
What an interesting plot with great characters! I had to put this book down more than once just to cool d of an, if you know what I mean. Kudos to Weston Parker!!! I love this series.
Fun read. Lots of family drama.The book reads real fast. I started and before I realized it, the book was finished.I like this author’s work. Of all his books, I think there have been three or four I didn’t care for. This one isn’t it. Definitely recommend.


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