Fallen Angel By D.K. Hood

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Fallen Angel: An absolutely addictive crime thriller with a nail-biting twist (Detectives Kane and Alton Book 13) By D.K. Hood


Book/Novel Author: D.K. Hood

Book/Novel Title: Fallen Angel



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Hurrying along the dark, snow-covered path, she knows she’s not alone when she hears the light tread of someone behind her. Panic rising in her chest, she picks up the pace. But she doesn’t even have a chance to scream before everything goes black. When a beautiful young woman is reported missing from her hotel room on the outskirts of Black Rock Falls, Sheriff Jenna Alton and her deputy David Kane are devastated to discover her pale, lifeless body trapped beneath a frozen lake nearby. It’s Jenna who finds the single pearl earring buried in the frosted grass that gives them their first lead. Just as Jenna has the remaining hotel guests safely back in their rooms, the killer strikes again, and another victim is found in one of the hotel’s lakeside cabins. Next to his bloodied body is a second pearl earring. What does it mean, and why is the killer leaving them for Jenna to find? Interviewing witnesses, Jenna discovers that both victims were seen arguing with other residents hours before their deaths. Could the murderer be out for revenge, and how many more bodies will follow before they are truly satisfied? As a blizzard cuts the hotel off from Black Rock Falls, Jenna and her team are trapped with the killer. Then she receives a terrifying call from a teenage girl who thinks the murderer was in her room as she slept. Can Jenna save her from becoming the next victim? And how many more innocent lives will be taken before the snow thaws? Fans of Lisa Regan, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot will love this gripping and addictive thriller from USA Today bestselling author D.K. Hood. Prepare to stay up all night! What readers are saying about Fallen Angel: “Addictive… It kept me reading long after I should have been asleep… so riveting I couldn’t put it down… I was tingling with anticipation as to who was the next to die… Amazing book. I didn’t want it to end.” Crazy Canadian Writing, 5 stars “Wow… Just thinking about it now still gives me shivers down my spine.” Spooky’s Maze of Books, 5 stars “Superb read… Definitely a winner from me! Top marks.” NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars “Jaw-dropping… A fast-paced read that doesn’t let up… I read it in one sitting.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “Brilliant… I 1000% recommend.” NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars “Ooooooh!!!… Filled with intrigue, suspense, action, murder and mayhem! I definitely enjoyed reading this book!” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “Nail-biting.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “Another fantastic five-star read… Gripping, heart-pounding and thrilling… Loved it!!!!!” NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars “Exceptional… Had me hooked from the first page to the last.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “Gripping… Has you gasping and leaves you reading frantically to find out what happens.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars “Literally filled with heart-stopping and stomach churning moments and I found myself moving closer and closer to the edge of my seat as I read.” Stardust Book Reviews, 5 stars “Absolutely fantastic, absorbing and totally thrilling.” Carla Kovach, author, 5 stars “Omg, omg! I don’t know where to begin! I am lost for words! OMG! That was excellent! I didn’t want it to end” Ragazza Triste
This story was outstanding and I am thrilled with the ending! I can’t wait to continue with this series. It has been one of my favorites!
Isolated during a severe blizzard at a ski resort, a crime writers’ convention becomes deadly when a serial killer starts his spree. Very good. You won’t guess who.
I’m not good at reviews but I’ll try to follow the rules and do my best… I loved this book and it’s my favorite of the series so far. This killer felt different than the previous serial killers, as did the heavy stuff between Kane and Alton. I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves crime/thriller novels. This author does a fantastic job describing the CSI part of identifying and catching a killer and the amount of research she does is truly mind-blowing. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!
Amazing book and I have added your page to follow for new releases. Will go back and purchase the the other books in this series.
There was no way I could put this book down, I was at the edge of my seat throughout the book. What an exciting ending, it was about time!! So excited to see what the next book will bring!


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