Falling in Love with Someone so Different By Austin Bates

Falling in Love with Someone so Different (Second Chance Lovers #4) by Austin Bates

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Book/Novel Author: Austin Bates

Book/Novel Title: Falling in Love with Someone so Different

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This strong willed alpha gets what he wants… As a stupid kid Isaac broke up with his true love, Grayson, so he could pursue the limelight of the modelling world. But after a hiccup in his career he’s back in Knot Pointe and ready to win Gray back. Gray isn’t the same boy that Isaac once loved, he’s blossomed into a confident man, and Isaac has his work cut out for him if they’re going to be together again. Omega Grayson isn’t ready to risk his heart a second time… It tore him up when Isaac left to become a model, and it only got worse once they lost touch completely. But Gray has put himself back together and he’s stronger now than ever before. When Isaac rolls back into town ready for their relationship to fall back into place, Gray isn’t so sure. He needs to know that Isaac won’t leave him again before he’s willing to risk his heart once more. And when Gray is finally ready to dive in, a once in a lifetime opportunity might send Isaac back out the door. Will they allow history to repeat itself? Or will their love be strong enough the second time around? Love hasn’t come easy or stayed long for the men of Knot Pointe, Colorado. But now luck is on their side. They’ll seize their second chances and find the loves of their lives!

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