Falls Boys By Penelope Douglas

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Falls Boys (Hellbent Book 1) By Penelope Douglas


Book/Novel Author: Penelope Douglas

Book/Novel Title: Falls Boys



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The HELLBENT Series, a spin-off to the Fall Away series, is coming!“The kids are growing up—different from their parents but the same in so many ways…”AROHawken Trent. So polite. So sweet. Such an upstanding young man. A virgin, too, I hear. He never gets naughty with a girl. Probably because Jesus told him not to. And now here he is, trying to be the hero by protecting another girl from me. He calls me a bully. Irrational. Unreasonable. A criminal. He can call me anything he wants, I’ve heard worse. And he can try to stand between me and my money, but he’s never had to fight for food. That rich, clean, school boy doesn’t have what it takes. HAWKEI surprised her. You should’ve seen her face. Just because I don’t have a record, honey, doesn’t mean I’m clean. It just means I’m better at not getting caught.That is until I realize I might’ve actually gone too far this time. She’s there. I’m there. The scene of the crime. It’s dark. The police show up. We have no choice. We run. Down High Street, into Quinn’s bake shop, and I pull her through the entrance to the old speakeasy that everyone forgot was here decades ago.The door locks, the cops circle the building, never knowing we’re right here, and I’m hidden in plain sight, indefinitely, with someone’s who’s awful. Mean. Rough. Dirty. A thief. A delinquent. Until one night, lost in all of these rooms together, I don’t see any of those things anymore. She’s smart. Daring. Soft. Hot…Everything’s changing. It’s this place. It does something to people. We have a silly urban legend in Shelburne Falls about mirrors. They’re a gateway. Don’t lean back into them. But we came through front first. I don’t care what the county records say. This was never a speakeasy. It’s Carnival Tower. *FALLS BOYS is a standalone, new adult romance suitable for readers 18+. It contains harsh language, violence, and sexual situations. Reading the Fall Away series prior to this is helpful, but not necessary.

This book was amazing. Aro for the win!!!!!!!! Man and Dylan is nice and sweet! Hunter and Kade and Hawke and Tommy and everybody! Love love
Great read, some dark content but incredible rendition of struggles and overcoming adversity. Love the trend of devils night so if you like actions and romance this is a great book for you. It challenges also the standard roles and gender expectations
It really was for me. I enjoyed the book. Penelope Douglas writes in a very engaging way, and her romance is hard and sweet without being cheesy.To the author: I’m glad you included the letter at the end because I’m a teacher, and it reminded me of some things I need to think about to be better at what I do.. if that makes sense.
Hawke is perfect. Aro is stronger than she thinks and more than she knows. The characters are damaged and perfect at the same time. You want them to be together and you want a happy ending. Though the entire story isn’t complete we know that Hawke and Aro’s tale had finished and that is really all I ask for in a book. I can’t wait to book 2 in the series.
What a FANTASTIC start to the Hellbent series! I’m so freaking excited that Pen Douglas has begun the spinoffs to her original Fall Away series! I don’t even know what I loved more, revisiting with beloved characters Juliet, Jax, Fallon, Madoc, Tate & Trent or their babies. I think it’s usually difficult to surpass the OG’s, but Pen really did it with Aro & Hawke! I FLOVED them!When authors take particular care in showing their characters strengths and vulnerabilities and their desperation to be seen… that’s my kryptonite. Pen Douglas did exactly that with Aro & Hawke. It was impossible for me not to love them, to root for them, to feel my heart breaking for them.Aro has definitely topped the Fave Heroine List. She’s fierce, protective, and fearless; yet, there’s such a sweetness to her. She wants to be seen. So tired of being used & abused, constantly looking over her shoulder. She keeps going in order to protect her siblings. And then she meets Hawke.Hawke is everything I love about Heroes. He’s brilliant. A loner. So sweet. And is desperate to find what his parents have… that can’t live without you kind of love. He, too, is protective of his family. He’s independent. Aro completely rocks his world.It’s so hard to write a review for a new release without sharing too much info & spoilers. Just know that this has all the intrigue, suspense, mystery, and angst that we love about Pen Douglas’s books. She’s a master storyteller. Falls Boys is one of my faves, maybe even more so than those of the Fall Away series. I’m excited to read the upcoming books in this new series.


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