Far from Bliss By Lexi Blake

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Far from Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado Book 12) By Lexi Blake


Book/Novel Author: Lexi Blake

Book/Novel Title: Far from Bliss



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Shattered by the pastMichael Novak was a US Marshal with his whole life figured out. Right up until the woman he called partner betrayed him. He’s been hiding in Bliss, CO, trying to pull himself out of the darkness. The only bright light is Lucy Carson. Something about Trio’s favorite waitress calls to him, but he can’t trust his instincts anymore.Yearning for the futureLucy has loved Tyler since they were kids, but he never seemed to feel the same way. She worried she would never want a man the way she does Ty, and then Michael grumbled his way into her world. Beyond the broody exterior she sees a burning fire in his eyes, and she is drawn to that flame.The time is finally rightTy knows Lucy is the one for him, but Lucy wrote him off romantically long ago. If he could get her to see him in a different light, he knows she would realize that they’re perfect for each other. His obstacle is the town’s reclusive former lawman, Michael. But this is Bliss. A rival can turn into a partner for the right woman. And Lucy is definitely the right woman.Ty approaches Michael with a plan to get Lucy between them. A bargain is made, and Lucy is their target. But Lucy is already in much more dangerous crosshairs. Murder has come to Bliss, and Lucy is at the center of the investigation.
But can I say how happy I am to be back in Bliss? I just love it here. It’s been too long. The gossip, the nosiness, the bets, the beets and let’s not forget about the aliens. Ahh I can’t wait! So this book is about Lucy, Ty and Michael, they have all been around Bliss for some time now and I have been waiting for their story. Right from the start of this book Ty is tired of waiting and wants Lucy to know he’s the one for her. Lucy is shocked that Ty might actually have feelings for her but she doesn’t believe it for a second. Why would Ty want her when he can have anyone he wants? “He kissed her again, and this time her mouth opened, allowing his tongue to slide against hers. Pure desire raced through his veins. All he had to do was push her back against the wall and he’d press himself against her and find the relief he’d needed for years. It didn’t matter who he slept with. He found no real comfort in the act because his lovers hadn’t been Lucy.” But Ty’s not giving up, even if that means striking a deal with the other man that wants Lucy as much as he does. Michael. Michael a bit of a recluse, he has been since he first came to Bliss and had to deal with Betrayal. “He was fairly certain being around Nell was where he’d gone wrong. She was optimistic and creative and so positive it sometimes hurt. He’d also liked having a comfy bed and hot showers and food that didn’t taste like crap.” After two long years Michael is starting to come out of his shell just a tiny bit. Michael can’t seem to not want Lucy, she’s a brightness in his dark world. He wants be he doesn’t want to want. Michael cannot resist Ty and takes him up on his offer, and now they are both ready and equipped to come after Lucy. “Apparently the Men’s Council on Bliss Relations is worried you two won’t be good at sharing and will give the whole town a bad reputation.” But where else would we find a Men’s Council on Bliss Relations? Of course the men that have done it already are coming to give advice when no one ask. But would it be Bliss if no one was in your business? “She’d put up walls, and he’d been too afraid to knock them down for fear they’d both be caught in the landslide. “Well, I thought about you far more than geometry,” It was really good to see Ty open up and finally tell Lucy how he felt. And now only how he felt but the many things that he may have done or not done over the years. Ty and Michael’s relationship was a bit unexpected but worked really well. Ty needed someone to push him and do the things he was afraid to do. “One of the things he’d started to suspect was that Ty was an overgrown Golden Retriever. Handsome. Athletic. Looked like he could take down the world if he wanted to, but he almost never wanted to. Sometimes that dumba** loyal Golden needed a Rottweiler best friend.” And it was nice to see Michael opening up and start to enjoy things in his life, even if he may have been on guard. Ty and Michael balance each other out and together they are perfect for Lucy. And of course as all things in Bliss there was suspense and Lucy somehow becomes a part of a murder investigation. All in all this was what I expected from Bliss. But I can’t help but want to go back and read the rest of the Bliss books just to be back in Bliss. Would I Recommend: Definitely! 4 stars for sure. Lexi Blake’s (AKA Sophie Oak) Bliss series is always fun. And catching up with the previous characters are even better. But I love also seeing new characters and seeing where the Bliss series will go from here. I always look forward to these book, or pretty much any book from Lexi Blake.
Oh my stars!! Michael, Lucy and Ty…our newest trio in Bliss. I love this series and each book just gets better and better (in my opinion) We got action, suspense, drama (with Max hanging around always have drama ha!), hot sexy times and lots of love and laughter. Always an added bonus catching up with previous characters and I am so looking forward to the next story. I was so not expecting who’s story is up next and I cannot wait for it!
I have to say, this was the Bliss book I was last eager to read. After all, we aren’t exactly invested in Ty, are we? But I enjoyed the series, and I was curious about how Michael Novak would find his resolution. And to be honest, I found that to be the best part of the book. In this series, I enjoy all the characters who inhabit Bliss and their various quirks, as well as their tolerance of each other. This book did not disappoint.
Another Five Star Winner!!!! Lucy, Ty, & Michael were perfect and the mystery was the perfect dash of intrigue needed to make this Bliss book a great way to close out 2021. I always find comfort in Lexi Blake novels. The emotional depth of her characters pulls at me, while the humor brings me such joy. This is not to be missed.
So good to be back in Bliss with friends! Loved the dynamics, and how Mrs. Flaunders stepped in!! Can’t wait for the next book!
I love reading all the Bliss books. Lexi Blake has great characters in her books with hilarious conversations because she is so good with character development. So many hours of very fun reading. Thank you


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