Fatal Felons By Elle Thorpe

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Fatal Felons (Saint View Prison Book 3) By Elle Thorpe


Book/Novel Author: Elle Thorpe

Book/Novel Title: Fatal Felons



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Please note this is the third and final book in a trilogy, and this blurb contains spoilers for books 1 and 2. Start the series with Locked Up Liars, and Solitary Sinners before reading on!When a judge declared Heath guilty and sentenced him to death row, everything we’d been fighting for went up in flames.We have no excuses. No appeals. No freedom.Now, there’s only one way out.One way left for him to avoid a lethal injection in his arm.Escape.
I read all 3 books and can say that each one left me wanting more and trying to figure everything out the sex scenes were extremely steamy! And I loved Liam so much Heath and Rowe were total aloha males and loved the whole dynamic! Such a great book and series kudos to the author
This story was heartwarming and exactly what I wanted. But the egregious errors when dealing with the legal system just kept pulling me out of it. I wanted to love it but I ended up pretty mad that the author couldn’t even bother to do enough research about the legal system to make it somewhat believable. So if you’re able to look past that then there’s a good story here. But if you know anything at all about the criminal justice system I would suggest skipping this series. It’s so unrealistic that it might as well be fantasy.
This book is so good twist and turns and the romance and the sex it is the best yet. Can’t wait for more.
What a wonderful conclusion. This series is filled with everything and anything you could imagine Mae, Rowe, Liam and Heath have an amazing connection and the Mystery of who really murdered Mae’s sister is getting closer to being solved. What a fantastic book filled with twists and turns! Loved every word ❤

Well this was ride…. the series is amazing.. so many held breath parts. The ending was mind blowing happy. U did an amazing job Author


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