Fatal Flaws By Clyde Lawrence

Fatal Flaws by Clyde Lawrence

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Book/Novel Author: Clyde Lawrence

Book/Novel Title: Fatal Flaws

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  • When Dr. Mark Bishop meets Hank, a kindred spirit who seemingly complements his own personality in almost every way, he knows they’ll become the best of friends. As their brotherly love grows, Mark becomes convinced that Hank is a true compatriot who will always stand at his side in moments of need. More than a decade later, after discovering that his daughter, Ryan, is silently suffering at the hand of her abusive husband, Mark determines that the only sure way to save her is through a definitive act of violence. Ever reliable, Hank honors the pact that they’d made as young men to always have each other’s backs and never allow a member of either family to be victimized. A flawless plan is developed and executed, freeing Ryan from her prison of torment.Years later, Mark finds reason to doubt not only Hank’s trustworthiness, but his sanity. As contention arises between the two friends, both realize that they can no longer depend on the other’s unquestioning loyalty. Neither man knows if the oath they’d sworn to each other is as solid as stone or as fragile as blown glass. The decay of their unquestioning trust of one another leads to growing suspicions of betrayal, and they soon find themselves on a collision course. Should Mark focus on defense or offense? What does he owe his friend? What does he owe himself and his family? He must decide and act before time runs out …

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