Fate’s Ransom By Jeff Wheeler

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Fate’s Ransom (The First Argentines Book 4) By Jeff Wheeler


Book/Novel Author: Jeff Wheeler

Book/Novel Title: Fate’s Ransom



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Betrayal, war, and the risks of loyalty collide in the epic conclusion of the First Argentines series by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Lady’s Ransom.Ransom Barton has served three Argentine kings. The new successor to the throne is the ruthless Jon-Landon, a fallible strategist when it comes to war. After losing against the Occitanian armies, the king forces Ransom to bear the blame and removes him from the council. But Jon-Landon isn’t yet through with humbling the honorable knight of Ceredigion.When a retaliatory battle succeeds, Jon-Landon invites Ransom back into his circle. Though Ransom’s Fountain magic is made stronger by his fealty, he’s once again forced to make a terrible choice. And this time, Ransom’s wife, Claire, and their sons could pay the price for Ransom’s loyalty.But as tensions between Ceredigion and Occitania reignite and alliances at court begin to crumble, a desperate Jon-Landon discovers his only ally is the knight he betrayed. With the future of Kingfountain hanging in the balance, Ransom agrees to help. And as secret enemies reveal their endgame, Ransom knows that he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for the survival of the Argentine dynasty.
A tragically beautiful ending to Jeff Wheeler’s Kingfountain series. Mr. Wheeler has his own magic by mixing just enough fact with fantasy to have you believing these tales could exist. I always look forward to Mr. Wheeler’s next book!
This entire series was amazing and I could not wait for each new book. It was so easy to get lost in the world Wheeler creates…I don’t want to list any spoilers but the ending was surprising and amazing all together. I was so moved and it all felt so real, like I was right there with Claire, Ransom and the gang! With a lack for other words this is a MUST read!
Ugh! Wow. I have strong feelings about this one, both good and bad… I’ve invested a lot of time in Ransom, the hero of this tale, since this is the fourth and final book. On one hand, all of Wheelers’ stories tend to feel quite similar, as do his heroes… but that’s kind of what keeps me coming back. He’s one of VERY few modern authors who writes real heroes anymore. His main characters have true integrity based upon something larger and more important than themselves and their own desires. Lord Ransom serves The Fountain (God), and because of his loyalty to do the Fountain’s bidding, he also stands by his oath to serve the Argentine line, kings who wear the Hollow Crown–no matter what. This is THE defining trait which drives Ransom’s every decision. And it’s tested throughout this entire story. This last installment opens with the death of the previous king at the hands of the almost all-powerful poisoner, Alex. With his dying breath, the Argentine king told Ransom that he wanted his brother, Jon-Landon, to be his successor. Unfortunately, Jon-Landon is evil, and Ransom and everyone else knows it. But, because Ransom has vowed to serve the Argentines and that is his king’s dying wish, he makes the king’s choice known–and feels the Fountain’s approval for it. The Hollow Crown goes to Jon-Landon, who turns out to be every bit as capricious, selfish, and wicked as everyone anticipated. He also envies Ransom, and sets him up for failure at every turn, tempting him into betrayal. But the Fountain makes it clear to Ransom that he must continue to serve Jon-Landon–not for his own sake, but for that of his son Devon. Devon must be the next king, and if they depose Jon-Landon, the entire kingdom will fall. I so appreciated this higher perspective of what was going on in the action of the story, because it told me exactly what I could expect (in part because I’ve read so many of Wheeler’s stories now). I knew Ransom would be sorely tempted, but would stand firm and maintain his integrity, no matter the cost. I knew that because of it, even though it would look like his loyalty continued to enable a wicked regime, the Fountain saw more than he did, and his faithful service would turn out to be the only possible way forward. All Ransom had to go on was his trust in the Fountain, yet the reader knows that his trust is well-placed. I also anticipated that Wheeler would redeem even Jon-Landon: that Ransom’s goodness would prick his conscience, win his affection, and ultimately change him into a better man by the end. I was not disappointed in this. But. BUT! About 3/4 through the book, the foreshadowing of a sad ending for Ransom started to come fast and furious. I hate sad endings, so I started to emotionally detach on purpose, but I still had to finish it (I’d come this far, after all). Then I thought, the foreshadowing is SO thick, perhaps it’ll be thwarted after all? Perhaps Wheeler is just setting us up to expect one thing, and then there will be a sudden loophole that will make everything all right? Maybe??? Nope. I knocked off a star for the emotional trauma. My rating: **** Language: none Violence: fantasy only Sexual content: none Political content: none
You do not have to be a young person to love this story. I especially liked one of the main characters writing about what was happening in her life as the main story was unfolding.
Ransom the noble sap. I enjoy much of Jeff Wheeler’s writing. This series however was the exception. The title character is a fool who is tasked with becoming a wet nurse to four horrible, power hungry foolish kings. I won’t ruin the series for anyone who wishes to read it but suffice it to say, I want my money back. Eijitt…
Loved this whole series. Excellent story line, well thought out characters. I also appreciated the lack of blue language and could recommend this book even for middle school children.


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