F*ck It By S.M. Shade

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F*ck It (Yama Yama Book 2) By S.M. Shade


Book/Novel Author: S.M. Shade

Book/Novel Title: F*ck It



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What’s a woman supposed to do after watching her cheating ex’s wedding implode?Apparently, the answer is get fired.And evicted.And move to another state to start over as an independent woman who would rather stick her tit in a beehive than get into another relationship.It’s fine. Really.The only thing messing with my new, badass single girl life is an encounter with my childhood crush.Fine, maybe I was the one who suggested some bedtime fun. What I didn’t do was invite him to come along on a holiday weekend. I have Kasha to thank for that.Now, I’m doing my best to hang onto my determination to stay single. It’s hard. Pun intended.With Kasha and Henley along, things were destined to be chaotic, but some things I didn’t see coming.Like a garbage skunk with killer aim.A broken member that bears a resemblance to a crazy straw.And a man focused on winning my heart.
Amazing book! So sad thus is the last book I will ever get from cm owens. I tried to read it as slow as possible but just couldn’t delay the inevitable! Amazing I laughed so much …. And cried knowing this is it!
I’m a CM fan. For all her fans, read this book. You’ll laugh and love it. I love both authors so much. Thank you to Tonya for all the help I know you did to get this released.This book is hilarious. YAMA YAMA!
I love this series and I love these characters. If you need something to cheer you up, trying reading this series, it won’t disappoint!
This was really hard for me to read knowing it was the last words of CM’s I’d read. But once I started I couldn’t stop! Simply amazing! I laughed so hard I cried, almost wet myself, all the while my 4 boys looked at me like I was crazy! Recommend not reading in public!
The first book had me dying laughing and had my whole house mad at me for waking them up, when I laughed hysterically. This one was funny. Maybe it needed a few more reminders of the last book, since I couldn’t remember some of the details of the last story. It was funny though. Just not AS funny as book 1, where I was in tears by the end of the 1st chapter. After I read the first book I looked up the authors to find more funny books. 1 author had another series that was fun. Again, not as funny as ” worth it “, but still fun. The other author, I laughed because they don’t write rom-com at all! They write more sci-fi, darker, not funny at all stuff. That, in itself makes me laugh. What on earth makes a writer say, ‘ hey! Let’s write a comedy together!’ TO THAT AUTHOR?! LOL My favorite line I this whole book?…”“God no, his sperm would have to go on one hell of an egg hunt to find that last survivor.””
this was a funny and sweet conclusion. you cared about the characters, and the changes seemed believable and even the cheater from the prior book was redeemed. it is a little silly, but it is so fun


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4.9/5309 ratings