Fear the Reaper By Fiona Quinn

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Fear the Reaper (Strike Force: An Iniquus Romantic Suspense Mystery Thriller Book 4) By Fiona Quinn


Book/Novel Author: Fiona Quinn

Book/Novel Title: Fear the Reaper



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Everything was going according to plan…until it fell apart in the most spectacular way…Ex-SEAL Ryan “Reaper” Hamilton is well on his way to having it all. His marriage to Kate is finally on solid ground, and his goal of being a K9 trainer with Iniquus’s Cerberus team is within reach. Finding a dangerous spy’s flash drive (and becoming the object of her twisted, vengeful obsession) was not on his agenda. But that’s all it takes to throw his world into chaos.It’s not long before Reaper finds himself fighting for everything he holds dear—his wife, his son, his career…his sanity.When all is said and done, will Reaper and Kate get the happily ever after they deserve? Or will they learn that the good guys don’t always win?Fear the REAPER is a tactical K9 action adventure that can be read as a stand alone, as part of the Strike Force series, or as part of the World of Iniquus.Grab your copy and Let’s Go!
This felt like I read it before. Its more suspense than romance. There were romantic elements but the sex scenes were fade to black. Lots of thoughts and narrative from the villain but little actual interaction between Kate and Repear. They spent most of the story separate
Fiona Quinn took a different approach for this book by focusing on two main characters. Reaper first appeared in the Kate Hamilton series and I was happy to see him join the world of Iniquus. I don’t want to give any spoilers so I will just say that I highly recommend this book.
I had no idea about all the electronic surveillance availability that was used in this book. Creepy and they still don’t know
Oh my! I hated the bad “guy”/Witch! Great ending, didn’t see it happening that way! Fiona Quinn’s books weave a web of mystery, suspense, and page turning magic! Can’t wait for more!

Because Quinn has built our belief in her story from waaaaay back at the first book, even as dire as the situations in this book got, I KNEW Iniquis would have the training, solutions, and reputation to prevail. Good suspense, good tension, always good characters. Well done!


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