Fearless By Tia Louise

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Fearless: A Thrilling, Bodyguard Romance By Tia Louise


Book/Novel Author: Tia Louise

Book/Novel Title: Fearless



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He’s intense, he’s fearless, and he’ll stop at nothing to save her.My job is to protect the innocent, but Blake van Hamilton has never been innocent.With killer curves, silky brown hair, and silvery-blue eyes, she’s been an inconvenient object of my lust since we were teens.Now I’ve been hired to guard her against a band of criminals who want her money, and maybe even her life.Still, I’m the last person she wants helping her.Blake van Hamilton hates me, but it won’t stop me from doing my job.Hutch Winston may be sexy as hell, but I won’t fall for his white knight-protector act.Not since he used it to ruin my life at sixteen.But when my best friend turns up dead and my uncle goes missing, Hutch is my only option.Moving into his family estate is the real test.It gets worse when I accidentally see him naked in the shower, moaning my name.I have to keep my head and my heart in line—not to mention my body.Every part of me wants him in every possible way.I may be fearless, but how I feel about him scares me most of all.(FEARLESS is a stand-alone, romantic suspense novel. It contains an insanely hot hero and the curvy, feisty socialite he’s hired to protect. It’s hate-to-love, organized crime, and a forced-proximity situation that sets it all ablaze. No cheating. No cliffhangers.)
A sweet and sexy read. Strong characters with a good amount of steam. Love the hearts of the H and h
Tia Louise knows how to write light but compelling mysteries. Particularly wonderful was the character growth of Blake, the intelligent, sassy, and fearlessly loyal heroine. You’ll be wowed by the sizzling chemistry between Blake and Hutch. A thrilling ride. I’m ready for Hana’s story now!
Once I picked this book up I could not put it down. The story was intense and full of mystery and of course romance. When we first meet Blake and Hutch he ruined her life but was he doing it to protect her. She has been made at him ever since. Blake and Hutch’s story moves along at a wonderful pace and keeps you enthralled until the end. It will even have you trying to guess who is causing the issues and what’s going to happen. It was also incredible to see how her sister blooms into a young women not a drugged out girl who doesn’t know up from down. I absolutely loved the tenacity that Blake showed through the whole story and how strong willed she was in protecting her family till the end. What an fun and interesting read that will keep you captivated and I can’t wait to see what happens with her sister and Scar.
Whew…steamy sex scenes. Check. A good storyline. check. I was not sure if I was going to like this book. Honestly I like the cover because this is one of my favorite male models lol. But the storyline kept me reading and did I say hot sex scenes? It was a good read for me! Cannot wait for scan and Hana!
What a great suspenseful enemies to lovers story! This flowed along at a good pace and opened up doors for other books in the series. I enjoyed the characters and their plot problems. I could really feel the feelings between Hutch and Blake and they were sizzling.I loved the secondary characters as well. Each have snippets of their lives and boy are they interesting. I cant wait for their stories. They added some fun and crazy times in here.I did listen to this on audio. Which was AMAZING! Lee Samuels and Samantha Brentmoor did an outstanding job! I look forward to more!
Tia Louise is a go to author for me and from teasers, etc I had seen, I was very curious about Fearless. The fact that I love a good bodyguard/forced proximity story didn’t hurt the odds of me grabbing this story either!Unfortunately, Fearless didn’t get off to a good start for me. Why you ask – the ages of the characters. I know this sounds like a silly thing to be bothered by, but it’s a detail that kept pulling me from the story. The other issue – I had a hard time relating to and connecting with Blake, our female lead.Setting aside the age issue, I enjoyed the connection between Blake & Hutch. They had an interesting dynamic and I enjoyed seeing their relationship evolve from antagonistic to something else. Fearless is fast paced and in between romance, suspense, and secondary stories there are times when the balance is a bit off. It works well, but I definitely left wondering where we were going.While this is a stand alone read, I feel like we need Hana’s story (the upcoming release Filthy) to really get the full picture of what is happing with the van Hamilton sisters.


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