Filthy Hot Billionaire By Nicole Edwards

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Filthy Hot Billionaire By Nicole Edwards


Book/Novel Author: Nicole Edwards

Book/Novel Title: Filthy Hot Billionaire



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Knox MontgomeryMy obsession with Emily Campbell started when she was fifteen years old. Her age made her completely off-limits to me. The fact that she was my stepsister only made it socially frowned upon.What complicates matters further is that my mother stole seventy million dollars from me, and her father was complicit in the crime. When the time comes for them to repay that debt, her father offers Emily up on a silver platter. I turned him down because I’m a lot of things but certainly not a cliché.Instead, I gave him an additional three years to get his affairs in order. He didn’t know it at the time, but that was more for me than for him.Not enough drama? Good because I’ve got another obsession.His name is Kieran O’Rourke.It started the day the Irishman introduced himself to me, although I’ve never admitted that to anyone. Certainly not him. Nor did I give in right away because that would’ve been too easy.Complications are compounded when Emily believes I betrayed her and her family by taking back what was rightfully mine, which only delays my plans. Being one of the richest men in the world, I have an endless supply of resources, a long list of things to keep me busy, and an abundance of patience.No matter what, I will introduce Emily and Kieran to one another, and when I do, life as we know it will be irrevocably changed.This is my story of obsession, betrayal, and surrender. Some might say I have my work cut out for me.Good thing I enjoy a challenge.*This is a standalone romance novel.
As always you did disappoint. This story is sexy, funny and filled with emotion. Thank you, your writing is always engaging.
Filthy Hot Billionaire by Nicole Edwards was such a great read … one I am so grateful a reading buddy pushed me to DIVE into!This book reminded me how much I adore Edwards’ writing and how a great book allows for an escape when the author tells you are story…And that is exactly what Edwards’ does in this one… she tells a story woven with lies, and lust, and heat and emotions oh so many emotions as three people yes three people weave together in a perfect happy for them! Most readers could never imagine wanting to or living in a menage relationship…. but this story had you believing that for Emily, Kieran, and Knox this is THEIR HAPPY!This book made me feel these people were real, this book had me excited to flip each page to discover how these three would find a way past the hurt that lead them to the today we meet them at, this book brought a big smile to my face, this book reminded me why I LOVE reading AND left me with a BOOKHANGER that has me unable to read anything else!Purchasing this book in any format, on any platform in May 2022 benefits Mental Health Awareness.
Another smoking hot read from an amazing author. I love Knox and Kieran and the love they have for Emily, I did get a little agitated at Knox and his way of thinking but he proved himself even when things got hard. I highly recommend this book and every other book from this author. You won’t be disappointed by Knox, Emily and Kieran.
I have felt like I am there throughout the entire book. Such an amazing job Nicole Edwards has done. From the in-depth description of the characters, their feelings, their desires, and just getting inside their heads with some thing not many authors can do to the point that you ache for the characters. The love that Knox has held for Emily over the years is just some thing most girls dream of happening to them. He didn’t always go about it the right way, trying to protect her from his mother and her father, but it was all done in the name of love. She had so many hurdles to overcome, and yet she was a strong beautiful woman who found her way. She not only had Knox but she had Kiernan, both so in love with her innocent side, and her feistiness, and her lack of inhibitions when it came to sex. She is everything they both have always wanted and more. There are secrets that need to come out, and in a way that will not crush everything they’ve worked so hard to obtain. I was so involved in this book for days, I felt so sorry for Emily, yet with good people in her corner cheering her on and two hot, filthy billionaires ready to do anything to protect her and brought the end of this book to a awesome conclusion.
Another awesome romance by Nicole Edwards. She does not disappoint with this mfm story. I loved how independent and fierce Emily became once out from under Kitty’s clutches.
I was a little unsure of this book when I first started reading but quickly changed my mind and couldn’t put it down. Nicole Edwards may just be my new favorite author! I would love to see Emily, Knox and Kieran again.


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