Finding Monica By Susan Stoker

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Finding Monica (SEAL Team Hawaii Book 4) By Susan Stoker


Book/Novel Author: Susan Stoker

Book/Novel Title: Finding Monica



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Where there’s passion, there’s heat. Where there’s heat, there’s fire. It will take trust to keep from being burned. Years of abuse at the hands of her father has taught Monica Collins she can’t trust anyone—especially military men. Since escaping her home, she’s built a successful career as a nanny, showing other kids the love she was denied as a child. But when her employer’s ambassadorial home becomes fair game for intruders during a riot, she’s forced to rely on two SEALs to get her to safety. Basically her worst nightmare come to life.Stuart “Pid” Hall is used to people being scared, panicked, and confused during a rescue mission, but Monica’s deep animosity and distrust is a surprise…until she shares a bit of her story. He can’t blame her for hating all things military—or for being outraged when his commander demands the SEAL team escort her back to Hawaii. Turns out the ambassador’s home was specifically targeted, and Monica’s the only person who’s faced the intruder and lived.No one is prepared to learn the man has ties to the Navy. When he decides to use Monica as a pawn for his revenge, she’ll have to overcome years of deep-seated fear…and put her trust in Stuart’s hands if she hopes to see another day.** Finding Monica is the 4th book in the SEAL Team Hawaii Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.
Love the Hawaii seal series! Could not put it down. Monica and Pid was a great story, love how Pid took things slow and showed Monica what real friendships mean. Like with all Susan stoker books she writes a great story that sucks you in and weaves great story telling. Great characters, strong storyline, laughs and seriousness and hot moments. Great read couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the next one!!
Susan Stoker has once again taken us on a wild ride! Monica has reasons not to trust military men, Stewart has the patience to prove to her that she can trust him. I thoroughly enjoyed this story!
I’ve read all of her series and fully enjoyed them. This one is absolutely not disappointing. All of her characters are interesting and so engaging. I can’t wait cor the next one!!!
Susan Stoker has written another wonderful book! Stuart “Pid” Hall is sent to pickup an American nanny working for the Ambassador when riots and unrest in Algeria breakout forcing evacuation. He finds a very distrusting woman. She has just experienced a break in by another Navy Seal who looted the house. Monica Hall had a horrific childhood and trust no one. Her father was in the Navy and ruled the house with abuse. He drilled into her to trust no one. Monica is terrified of any military member and when she is ordered back to Hawaii with the Seal team so she can identify the Seal poser she is not a happy camper. Stuart convinces her to stay in his spare room off base for her comfort. Then he sets about getting Monica to trust him. He is a very patient and determined man. This is a sweet romance but has action, suspense, healing, trust and steam.
Monica was drugged during the boat ride, so her seasickness wasn’t an issue. She was barefoot but the villain didn’t make her walk on the sharp lava rock. He didn’t shoot her to add to the tension of the rescue. No one got burned, even from just the hot air, though the lava was so close. The villain didn’t try to drag himself away from the lava flow. Seems like many lost opportunities for drama, so the ending was anticlimactic, but I liked Monica and her backstory was pretty dramatic, and Pid was very admirable. Whatever happened with Cash, though?? Why was he lurking in the food pantry? To steal what?Not as satisfying as her usual books.
Uses to be such a fan but it’s the same book, different title. If you read any of her other books you pretty much have read this one. Don’t waste your time and money.


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