Fire and Ashes By Harley Tate

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Fire and Ashes: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Falling Skies Book 1) By Harley Tate


Book/Novel Author: Harley Tate

Book/Novel Title: Fire and Ashes



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An asteroid on a collision course with Earth. A government coverup. A family caught in the middle.Welcome to Falling Skies. Do you have what it takes to survive?Former Marine Caleb Machert is managing overworked line crews when reports of an impending world-wide disaster hit the news. His men panic, but he’s not buying it. The government would never hide something this important, would they?Elizabeth is busy herding her students into the library when she discovers an asteroid is headed straight for the east coast. Her first instinct is to find her husband and daughter and flee west, but she can’t leave. Twenty first graders are depending on her.Lana spends her morning slogging though a calculus exam, oblivious to the news spreading across social media. When her boyfriend demands they escape before it’s too late, she refuses. She’s not leaving without her parents.It’s a race against the clock for the Macherts to find each other and reach safety before the world they know and love ceases to exist.Fire and Ashes is book one in the Falling Skies series, a post-apocalyptic thriller series following ordinary people struggling to survive when a meteor strike plunges the United States into chaos.
The sky is falling! The apocalyptic event in this story is the falling of meteors around the globe (Yea! Not just America getting hammered in this story!). Parents are trying to meet up with their daughter who is at college. Afterward, they have to find someplace to escape, and a limited time to get there before the earth’s rotation brings them back around to the meteor show. The characters are believable – not totally good or totally bad. Looking forward to book 2 which, I hope gets them to a place where they can start life after the apocalypse.
Another great story by the author and showing us what happens when a nation is deceived and not held together with thoughts for the future.
Marine without a rifle! Didn’t take the firearms off the two man he shot. Didn’t search their truck for supplies. Was an interesting thought on how to survive since the characters were not millionaires. Will purchase the next book to see if it improves
The asteroid. Is going too his earth. Mom dad travel to get daughter. Intro to daughter was a little of shock. I thought she was disrespectful to her parents. Ending of this first book had a twist that caught me off guard.

I’ve been reading and enjoying dystopian/post emp novels for years and have enjoyed many of Tate’s series.Why is it lately that whenever a female is a main character in these stories it turns into a mess?The woman who is totally ignorant about survival suddenly becomes the one giving orders/ultimatums to the guy who knows what to pack, where to go, how to proceed? And, has psychological trauma in her past to really screw things up.I know woman are smart and capable of making like saving decisions. But this series gives me a headache.Done following Haley. Sorry kiddo.


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