First Contact By Joshua James

First Contact (Oblivion Book 2) by Joshua James and Daniel Young

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Book/Novel Author: Joshua James

Book/Novel Title: First Contact

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  • A powerful new alien foe has emerged. When Ben Saito goes searching for his father and the whereabouts of the UEF Atlas, he and his new crew find more questions than answers. It’s clear at least some of the Atlas and her crew survived, but where have they gone? AIC forces soon arrive, asking their own questions, and they don’t care for Earthers snooping around. At first, the AIC suspects a UEF trap. But they soon find evidence to implicate something new and disturbing that could alter the future of all the colony worlds. Meanwhile, the survivors on Sanctuary Station 33 are desperately clinging to life as the Shapeless begin to assimilate them with the help of their Oblivion enablers. They must survive, or the truth of what happened to the Atlas will die with them. First Contact is the second book in the Oblivion series, a high-octane, action-packed blast that will leave military science fiction fans hungry for more!

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