Flash Point By Jack Slater

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Flash Point (Jason Trapp Book 3) By Jack Slater


Book/Novel Author: Jack Slater

Book/Novel Title: Flash Point



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Fans of Ryan, Reacher and Bourne will love betrayed CIA operative Jason Trapp, who stars in a pulse-pounding revenge thriller that threatens to be 2019’s breakout hit.”
A Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile system takes down a passenger jetliner in the skies over Belarus, showering the fields below in burning scrap. As the world begins to mourn the horrific accident, one man—new CIA director, George Lawrence—knows it is anything but. Three hundred innocents were sacrificed in order to snuff out the life of one man: Professor Alexey Sokolov, a senior adviser to the Russian government.
As well as a CIA asset recruited by a ghost known as the Hangman…
Trapp doesn’t know any of this. He’s hundreds of miles away in rural Tuscany with Eliza Ikeda, and on a mission of his own: recovery. Both are hurting, but this is their chance at a real life. Together. But it doesn’t take long for trouble to arrive at their door. He should have known that his past wouldn’t let go that easily.
The question is: why did Sokolov run? How did the Russians discover who he truly was—and what secret could possibly justify the murder of three hundred innocent men, women and children to cover up?
Trapp doesn’t want to know.
But he sure as hell intends to find out…





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