Flex in the City By Eric Ugland

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Flex in the City: A LitRPG/GameLit Adventure (The Good Guys Book 13) By Eric Ugland


Book/Novel Author: Eric Ugland

Book/Novel Title: Flex in the City



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Up until now, Montana’s gotten by pretending he’s a regular guy.Well, a regular, overpowered, god-defeating guy who maybe just learned his hair is in all the wrong places.But the big city is calling, and in order to succeed there, Montana must actually prove himself a deserving duke.If Glaton finds him lacking, Coggeshall could be forced into even further isolation.But if Glaton falls in love with him, the regular guy from Motor City could end up with limitless power, in charge of it all.And just like that, the fate of the entire Empire is in Montana’s hands.Flex in the City is nonstop monsters, kidnappings, court intrigue, and maybe the most scary of all – a date with a countess. Pick up this page-turner today!
He didn’t even finish the pit beast quest.After the last book about being focused, this book was about keeping the morals of being a good guy, ending upsetting a certain someone looking for a dungeon quest, and answering what’s the worst that can happen to a carriage kidnapping in Glaton that was asked in Bad Guys.The plot in the city felt more focused on syncing up with Bad Guys, and the rest of the book was misadventures. Fun, but with so much at stake it was harder to enjoy.
We see Montana having growth, more monsters, more plot, and possible convergence of storylines.It was interesting seeing Montana interact in a city he has not explored, but we know about from the BAd Guys.Looking forward to more!
Looking forward to seeing what happens in these story lines! But, I guess I’m gonna have to. Seriously though, check out both the Good Guys; and the Bad Guys . . . as well as the Roseland stories. All are worth the read/listen.
This book was very enjoyable, some adventuring and what not. Nothing serious but entertaining all the same. Three more words.
Seriously this is my favorite series. I hate reading on kindle but this series is worth it.I buy the paperbacks when the author releases them as well as the audio. You will enjoy it.Montana Does Episode 3 of Star Wars would be the best summary for this one.
Tied up a bunch of loose ends and forwarded the Montana plot. If you liked the series this far you’ll like this. Read further if you want examples of quantifiable plot advancement. Don’t read further if you don’t want very light spoilers.BuildingMontana in Glaton (city)First senate meetingIntroduced Emperor candidatesSide characters from Bad guys introduced to GGA list of threats Valamir thinks Glaton faces


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4.9/5309 ratings