Flight Risk By Joy Castro

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Flight Risk: A Novel By Joy Castro


Book/Novel Author: Joy Castro

Book/Novel Title: Flight Risk



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A woman is forced to face her past in a heartbreaking and triumphant novel of old wounds and family secrets by award-winning author Joy Castro.Isabel Morales is a successful Chicago sculptor hiding a brutal family history—one not even her husband knows. After decades of turning her back on her past, she’s forced to return to Appalachia when she receives news of her estranged mother’s death.But going back means revisiting the traumatic childhood she escaped—and the family that cast her out when she needed them most. Back on the land she has inherited, she’s flooded with memories of the forest where she once roamed free, of her beloved lost brother, and of the old house in the West Virginia hills where she grew up. Her mother has left her another legacy, too, which reveals secrets that Isabel is only beginning to understand.As forces bear down and threaten to take what she has left, it’s time for Isabel to step into her power, reclaim her roots, and finally confront the painful memories that have kept her from the life she truly wants.

What a disjointed mess. The author’s premise: Fit every left wing agenda item into a novel whether it fits the plot or furthers every unlikable, unbelievable character’s development. Also use esoteric verbiage at every opportunity to show how super smart I am. Plot holes? No problem. Finally, mix in a variety of writing styles to draw in…. hardly anyone beyond my bubble.

Flight Risk captured me from the the first page. Joy Castro writes in a style that flows easily. I almost felt as if I was walking with Isabel as she moved through her childhood and into adulthood. I was able to fully appreciate Isabel’s fears and concerns and to understand what motivated her. The ending to this story was a delightful surprise.
I’ve been wading through this novel for weeks and keep waiting for something to happen. The author swings back and forth from the current to the past and everywhere in between. I’m still not sure of the point of the story. Maybe it all comes together on the last page?
Intriguing, deep story; it’s okay to be your own person, with your own feelings, and at some point come to be happy with yourself.


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