Flirting with Fate By Melanie Shawn

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Flirting with Fate (Hope Falls: Brewed Awakenings Book 4) By Melanie Shawn


Book/Novel Author: Melanie Shawn

Book/Novel Title: Flirting with Fate



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Vivien Wells never wanted to find her Prince Charming. She was more than happy to kiss all the frogs and was not worried about any of them transforming into royalty. But after watching all three of her sisters find true love, she is on the hunt to find her happily-ever-after, but soon discovers life is not a fairytale.There was only one female in Glenn Maguire’s life that mattered to him, his daughter Aubrey. After becoming a single dad, he decided he didn’t want a string of women coming in and out of her life. So, to that end, he’s taken a break from dating. But when he gets to town and meets his sexy, curvy, sassy neighbor who happens to be a Jessica Rabbit look-a-like, his resolve is put to the test.Author’s Note: Flirting with Fate is a single dad, next-door neighbor, road trip, small-town romance. This heart-bursting happily ever after tale is jam-packed with a sassy, sarcastic heroine with a potty mouth and a heart of gold, a stubborn, reluctant single dad hero with a daughter who is six going on sixteen, a colorful cast of supporting characters including (but not limited to) a ninety-two-year-old, tattooed, Taylor Swift fan and a matchmaking aunt who thinks she knows best. You will also find the following: tearjerker moments, sparks from sexual tension so bright you might need welder’s goggles, ovary-melting heat, and an oh-so-swoony epic HEA.
Love these characters, all of the supporting characters as well. Especially love Nonna. Perfect HEA and a great end to the series.
What a wonderful all the feels, everything, and more melt your heart romance. This was such a wonderful series to read.
This writing duo always leaves me with a smile after reading their books and this series is no exception. While I enjoyed all the books, Flirting with Fate narrowly edges into m favorite book in the series.Vivien always seemed liked the flighty sister but I love how she changed our persona of her in this book. She is generous, caring and puts others needs before herself. I loved her relationship with Nonna. The pair worked hard to bring joy to the town.Glenn is a single dad who wants the best for his daughter. He is called to Hope Falls to train but he hasn’t given up on his career. He’s a family man but he’s put off looking for that someone special until Bree, his daughter is older. Bree and Glenn are an adorable father daughter duo. I love their relationship together. Fortunately for both of them , the Hope Effect is strong and these two are drawn together.The road trip cements their relationship but they are still to leery to take a jump. They go back and forth for most of the book and I yelled at them more then once, but they finally realized they were meant to be.Review copy provided for a voluntary review.
If you are a fan of the Hope Falls books or Melanie Shawn you have been waiting for this book. Great story about a single Dad devoted to his six yr old daughter who comes for the summer to take a coaching / trainer job in a town where he has a lot of relatives.He does not plan on staying since he is a Chicago native. Then he meets Viv the human who resembles Jessica Rabbit! Glenn plans on not daring til his daughter is in college. Viv has been burned by men, first by her father leaving when she was 3 and her other 3 sisters were also 5 and under. Having her mother claim her Dad was perfect and would love him forever then get sick and die when she was 16 impacted her further. She is sexy, big personality lovinglymy devoted to her sisters and their dreams. She is a dear friend to many including a dear friend who is old enough to be her grandmother . She and Glenn both are struckdumb on meeting each other . But he us leaving so she sees no future and he plans to keep his promise to himself to not date for another 12 yrs! Fun to read their journey.Highly recommend this author who is actually two sisters writing each book together. You will enjoy this book!
Where is the brash and sassy sister of the Wells sisters. On the outside and she seems hard and sometimes abrasive when talking with other people in other books, but through this book we get to see her softer more sensitive side. It was nice to see how she sacrificed for her sister Audrey, so she could have her dream of a coffee house. It was awesome to see how she related to Nonna, who we got to meet in Audrey‘s book, and it was really nice to see how she related to Bree! I am very happy that she got her HEA
Heartwarming romance filled with engaging charters, intriguing story line, witty banter, heart racing twists and undeniable passion. Really enjoyed this sweetly sexy and emotional small-town adventure that hit all the right feels.


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