For All Who Love the Game By Harvey Penick

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For All Who Love the Game By Harvey Penick & Bud Shrake


Book/Novel Author: Harvey Penick

Book/Novel Title: For All Who Love the Game

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Since the publication of Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book, millions of golfers have learned why this gentle, wise teacher is a true national treasure. With simple, clear images and with words that wipe away decades of overly technical instruction, Harvey Penick brings out the best golfer in everyone he touches, but there is one group of pupils with whom Harvey has always had a special rapport. Unique among great golf teachers, Harvey has worked with and helped — and learned from — as many women champions as men. Of the thirteen women enshrined in the LPGA Hall of Fame, five worked with Harvey for a substantial period of time. But beyond these great players — women like Mickey Wright, Sandra Palmer, Betsy Rawls, Kathy Whitworth, Judy Rankin, and Betty Jameson — Harvey has taken as much pleasure in the accomplishments of the countless women who came to him hoping only to be able to hit the ball in the air for the very first time. In For All Who Love the Game, Harvey shares the lessons he has learned from all the women he’s watched in his seven decades of teaching the game he loves. He describes the techniques that can help women gain greater power, discusses the psychological hurdles some women must overcome to improve their game, and gives his tips for developing the parts of the game where women can and should outplay their male partners. He provides a clear image of the proper swing, gives advice on what equipment every woman should carry, and provides wisdom, inspiration, and sound instruction for anyone hoping to improve her game. With the same blend of sage advice and common sense that made his first two books such an essential part of every golfer’s library, Harvey shows how every woman, whatever her other athletic gifts might be, can play great golf and enjoy it to its fullest. **

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