For Your Pleasure By Anna Lewis

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For Your Pleasure : Menage Sci-Fi Romance Collection By Anna Lewis


Book/Novel Author: Anna Lewis

Book/Novel Title: For Your Pleasure

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*No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.*
**Out of This World**
Talia was only a child when it was revealed that aliens have been living among the human race for many years, and that they’ve always been planning a rebellion. She’s grown up in the war, and has become a badass, loner fighter because of that.

But life in the middle of the war isn’t always easy, and soon she gets captured by the enemy. As she spends time with the people that she’s spent her entire life fighting against, she starts to notice a bond building, a common ground, but that quickly turns into something more scandalous, which might just threaten absolutely everything…
**Two Alien Lovers**
Polina Marsh has been stuck in a dead end job as a Junior Ambassador for the Intergalactic Alliance for over a decade. She’s all but given up on adventure and excitement, when an alien diplomat from an embargoed planet begs her for a secret rendezvous. She knows that she should say no, but Polina isn’t one to turn down a mysterious meeting, especially one with a shockingly attractive alien ambassador and his rough around the edges pilot.

Things don’t go according to plan and Polina finds herself stranded with the two aliens on a distant, forgotten moon. As the true nature of the mission is revealed, Polina finds herself torn between the diplomat and his pilot. Polina needs to follow her heart, which is hard to do when the future of the galaxy could be at stake.
**Taken by the Aliens**
Young, beautiful Tessa Sealand goes into space to find adventure. As a stowaway in a space carrier she is apprehended as soon as she reaches Station One, on the farthest Edge of human known space. She is arrested and put into the brig. From there things can only go up.

Released from the brig and working at a lowly perfume stall, she becomes embroiled in an altercation that threatens the security of Station One, and could have intergalactic repercussions! When it starts looking like dangerous terrorists are trying to kill her she has the bad timing to fall in love with not one, but two aliens!

She had not been looking for love, but cannot help how she feels. As the danger deepens and her relationship with the two aliens deepens, she begins to wonder whether she will live to explore the new reaches of her heart. Well, Tessa has always believed that space is filled with possibilities. She now has possibilities!

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