Forever Yours By Lisa Evans

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Forever Yours (The Forever Series Book 1) By Lisa Evans


Book/Novel Author: Lisa Evans

Book/Novel Title: Forever Yours

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Forever Yours

Alicia is fresh out of college when she returns to her home town Summerville. Although she’s ready to start her new life and focus on her career, there’s something holding her back. She never did tell Clark how she felt about him. But maybe it’s time for that now.

Clark is the grouchy old bachelor who runs the local diner, and he’s got a reputation about being the grumpiest guy in town. That may be true, but not when it comes to Alicia. She melted his heart the moment she walked into his diner when she was still in high school, but now that she’s all grown — he’s not about to keep his hands to himself any longer.

Forever Yours a fast-paced, insta-love, SAFE and HEA love story, perfect for the quick reader who doesn’t want a story to drag on forever. If you love romance for a mature audience and want to escape from the real world for a moment, go ahead and start reading this story now.

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