Four of a Kind By Sandi Lynn

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Four of a Kind: Kind Brothers Book 4 By Sandi Lynn


Book/Novel Author: Sandi Lynn

Book/Novel Title: Four of a Kind



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Rule Number One: Do not listen to my brothers about finding the “one” to settle down with.I won’t. I’m happy with my life and being a carefree bachelor.Rule Number Two: Ignore the connection with the sexy stranger who rolled into town and beat the crap out of my suspect.I’m trying, but…I was on the trail of a suspect I’d been pursuing when Grace Adams got to him before I did. When I found him in the abandoned warehouse, he was lying on the concrete in a state of distress with a broken arm and a fractured jaw while she hovered over him. It turned out he was a person of interest to both of us.She was one hell of a woman. Sexy, strong, intelligent, independent, and sassy all rolled into one. Did I mention that her tall and fit physique would look perfect lying underneath me?I offered her my help, and she accepted. The closer we worked together, the more I found the chemistry between us strengthened. Not only was I attracted to her sexually, but intellectually as well. She didn’t play by the rules, and neither did I. My brothers said we were two peas in a pod.When it was time for her to leave California, I had a decision to make. Did I let her go or force her to stay?18+
Simon and Grace were perfect for each other!! Grace had a very bad past that started when she was a child and came back to haunt her as an adult!! Simon and Grace work very well together!! I just lived them!!
What a story, that was some good drama, and the love that came out of it was beautiful… That brotherly love is so strong, I love it
At least this one had some type of plot. But for the love of god, stop saying “the corners of his/her lips curved up slightly” every time a character smiles. And what’s up with the obsession to talk about Keurig cups in every chapter, it’s obvious they use a Keurig and not a coffee pot. I don’t think you need to tell people they used a K-cup in every chapter. The story is totally repetitious to the other books. Same story line, different brother, different chick. If these books weren’t free, I would be one unhappy camper.
Wow this is a great story and i am so glad it is going to continue. I love g Grace and Simon the are quite the pair, Loved how close all the brothers are and the strong women in their lives! So happy that the case was solved , and they got the bad guys! I think you could do a whole mystery series with the fun couple of Grace and Simon.
I absolutely love this book series and I’m so excited for the next book. Sandy Lynn tells beautiful stories and I love and have all her books. This is a must have, get it and read the series.
I felt like several of the scenes were cut pretty short, but all in all, this was a good story. I could do without all the F bombs and think it would make much better reading without them, tho.


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