Four Treasures of the Sky By Jenny Tinghui Zhang

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Four Treasures of the Sky: A Novel By Jenny Tinghui Zhang


Book/Novel Author: Jenny Tinghui Zhang

Book/Novel Title: Four Treasures of the Sky



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“Engrossing…Epic” (The New York Times Book Review) · “Transporting” (Washington Post) · “Propulsive” (Oprah Daily) · “Surreal and sprawling” (NPR) · “An absolute must-read” (BuzzFeed) · “Radiant” (BookPage)”Engulfing, bighearted, and heartbreaking.” —Ann PatchettA New York Times Book Review Editors’ ChoiceA dazzling debut novel set against the backdrop of the Chinese Exclusion Act, about a Chinese girl fighting to claim her place in the 1880s American WestDaiyu never wanted to be like the tragic heroine for whom she was named, revered for her beauty and cursed with heartbreak. But when she is kidnapped and smuggled across an ocean from China to America, Daiyu must relinquish the home and future she imagined for herself. Over the years that follow, she is forced to keep reinventing herself to survive. From a calligraphy school, to a San Francisco brothel, to a shop tucked into the Idaho mountains, we follow Daiyu on a desperate quest to outrun the tragedy that chases her. As anti-Chinese sentiment sweeps across the country in a wave of unimaginable violence, Daiyu must draw on each of the selves she has been—including the ones she most wants to leave behind—in order to finally claim her own name and story.At once a literary tour de force and a groundbreaking work of historical fiction, Four Treasures of the Sky announces Jenny Tinghui Zhang as an indelible new voice. Steeped in untold history and Chinese folklore, this novel is a spellbinding feat.
A powerful and important novel of the horrific results of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. Like so many other “uncomfortable” facts of American history, these atrocities have been continuously white-washed from white memory, and so they still repeat to this day.
Jenny Tinghui Zhang has succeeded in her debut historical novel to thrust you into the life of Daiyu where you will feel unlike you have ever felt. In the two days that I read this account based on truths, it engulfed me to the point of dreaming about the story. You will cringe at her treatment, simultaneously feel empathy and rage, and grow a backbone of courage as you want to protect and defend innocent Daiyu.
A good historical novel.Great characters. Depressing but interesting history.Replacement theory has long roots in our history.Enjoyed it from beginning to end
The sad thing is that things have not changed throughout time. a woman is still just a mans tool. Those who are not white are still valued as less than human. This story is heart wrenching and still predictably true!
I love historical fiction and am always searching for a “great story.” This first novel by the author, blew me away. A young girl is kidnapped in China, smuggled to the U.S. and sold to a brothel in San Francisco. And it just happens to be 1882, the year the Chinese Exclusion Act was enforced. A part of history I knew little about. I was totally beguiled by this saga, and cannot recommend it enough.
A journey of endurance and strength and adaptation. Vulnerabilities abound yet she finds a way to make it each day.


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