Franniebell and Purple Wonder By Joann Keder

Franniebell and Purple Wonder: A Small Town Love Story (Pepperville Stories Book 2) by Joann Keder

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Book/Novel Author: Joann Keder

Book/Novel Title: Franniebell and Purple Wonder

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They’ll be talking about us some day… Popular, raven-haired beauty Georgina is on the cusp of a life beyond her boring, small-town existence. She and her equally popular boyfriend, Edgar have big plans that extend past the borders of Pepperville. Their love will see them through anything. Only awkward lanky Kenneth, who worships Georgina can see the dangers ahead. He’s lived a simple life and knows he is meant to be with only one woman. He can’t imagine living anywhere other than Brownwell Farm and plans to do so with the woman he loves. Changes When Georgina finds herself on a path she never intended to travel, she begins to discover the life she’s always wanted may not the be the one she needs. She questions whether passion or stability are more important. With the help of Kenneth’s controlling mother, Frannie and his quirky Aunt Katherine, Georgina works to understand lessons found in the garden and the possibility of happiness in the rolling cornfields of Iowa. Life would finally seem ideal, until it isn’t. This novel is a stand-alone prequel to “The Story of Keilah.”

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