Frat Wars By Saxon James

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Frat Wars : King of Thieves By Saxon James


Book/Novel Author: Saxon James

Book/Novel Title: Frat Wars



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We’re basically Romeo and Juliet. But dudes. And without all the dying. ChadBeing VP of Sigma Beta Psi is wild. I get all the benefits of being in charge with hardly any of the responsibility.Parties, pranks, and frat politics—college life has never been sweeter.Until I meet Bailey Prince.He has the face of a goddamn angel. I don’t know where he came from or why I’m so obsessed.But I do know he’s a Kappa.And our houses have a rivalry that’s written into legend.BaileyAt Rho Kappa Tau, I’m a legacy.It’s a lot of pressure, but I’ve always been responsible, never had that rebellious need to rock the boat, and I like it that way.But after a party at Sigma—the jock frat—I meet Chad Doomsen, and for the first time in my life I want to step outside my square.Our houses have always had a rivalry, but some of the guys seem to hate Chad specifically, and I don’t know why.He’s surprisingly sweet and kind. At least to me.I need to stay away. A relationship with Chad would be betraying the very legacy that brought me here.But I can’t help myself. And it seems, neither can he.Frat Wars is a romance between MCs from rival houses. It has friendly competitions, no hazing, and a swoony romance kept secret.
Saxon James kicks off her new series with a college romance that is a solid mix of sweet, funny, hot and adorable. There is no unnecessary drama and very little angst – the characters are actually communicating with each other. I love how the relationship develops between the main characters and Chad is so precious. Bailey has some reservations against Chad, which makes sense since the whole rivalry between their frats, but his hesitation doesn’t last long. I appreciate that most of the frat boys aren’t portrayed as childish and mindless, that they can step up and be mature when needed. Of course there are pranks, but they are all necessary for the story / background and never felt overwhelming. “King of Thieves” wasn’t really what I expected from reading the blurb – I was pleasantly surprised by the story and the characters, and I look forward to the next book in the series!
4.5 Stars (Rounded) C’mon frat boys with hearts of gold, I need a Chad in my life! I was in a fraternity when I was an undergrad & have lowkey been giving the side eye to these frat boy romances, but Saxon James, you’ve totally changed my tune – this was so much fun, truthfully some of the most fun I’ve ever had reading a romance. Bailey & Chad had amazing chemistry & their banter was hilarious – the snark was on point here, they had me laughing out loud numerous times (especially Chad, what a gem). The King of Thieves game was really fun to follow & a great way to carry the romance along throughout. This was a super low-angst, pure entertainment & shenanigans kind of book, there wasn’t really too big of a conflict & there didn’t need to be. It was just really adorable, super steamy, & in my opinion a perfect example of something that can be both equal parts smutty & sweet/swoon-worthy. What can I say, I fell head over heels for the boys of Sigma Beta Psi & Rho Kappa Tau! I’m really looking forward to the next two books in the series, this was truly pure escapism at its finest! Highly recommend picking this up if you’re looking for a cute, fun & steamy romance.
Incredible! What an amazing story! I loved loved loved Chad & Bailey from the very first page. Total opposites that bring out the absolute best in each other. Chad is fun, a frat king, and wears his emotions and feelings on his sleeve. Bailey, more serious wants to loosen up and be more like Chad. When I say Chad makes Bailey better, I mean it. But Bailey makes Chad better too! Bailey picks Chad up when he needs it and Bailey despite his more reserved side, he wants Chad happy all the time. This book was such a fun, entertaining read! I couldn’t put it down. From the very first chapter I was hooked. The frat wars were funny and clever. These two will have you laughing and swooning so hard! An awesome must devour!!!
Frat Wars is going to be another great series from Saxon James, I can already tell! Chad is your typical frat guy who is down to do anything for his frat and Bailey is your more reserved keep to himself kind of guy who doesn’t care to get into frat politics. When Chad runs into Bailey at a party, its game over for Chad and he has to have him. Once Chad gets a taste of Bailey he can’t stop wanting to go back for more and more until he realizes that he has fallen hard for him. Bailey fights his feelings and tries to keep it casual but Chad makes it difficult for him not get hooked too. Certain Pranks get taken to far and Chad and Bailey come together to fight for their relationship! Highly recommend this story❤ ❤
Chad and Bailey we amazing. Saxon James is always an auto purchase for me and never disappoints! The fraternity antics we fun to experience but the building relationship between these two was definitely the highlight. The narration was top notch and done by two of my faves. All around wish I could have given more than 5 stars.
Challenge: 52 Week Book Challenge PROMPT: Starts With An F Title: Frat Wars: King of Thieves Author: Saxon James It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out could be an alternate title. Lol The two protagonists could not be nore opposite and it works! While one of the MCs plays college ball, I don’t consider this sports romance because it is hardly mentioned. This book was recommended in a FB group I follow and I was not disappointed. Love rhe acceptance around sexuality. A fun read, with (mostly) harmless pranks focuses around Greek life and coming of age. I will be reading the next in the series. Tags: KU, 52 week challenge, mm


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