Friday the Witchteenth By Amanda M. Lee

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Friday the Witchteenth (Wicked Witches of the Midwest Book 20) By Amanda M. Lee


Book/Novel Author: Amanda M. Lee

Book/Novel Title: Friday the Witchteenth



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Bay Winchester is newly married and happy. Things have been quiet since she returned from her honeymoon, which means trouble is just around the corner. When it comes, it takes the form of a despondent man on a bridge. Despite her best efforts, Bay and the hostage negotiator can’t save him, and death is swift.That should’ve been the end of it, but a weird symbol on the dead man’s hand piques Bay’s interest, and when the negotiator turns up sick with the same symptoms, she knows that they have a problem on their hands.Suicide as a contagion? It’s not the fight Bay was expecting, and it’s definitely not the one she was looking for. Still, it’s the problem that keeps on giving … especially when it spreads to Mrs. Little.In her heart, Bay knows that she shouldn’t care about the woman who has hurt her family at every turn. Ignoring the problem isn’t an option though. If she stands back and does nothing in an attempt to end the chain, she’ll never be able to live with herself. If she gets too close, she could get infected herself.Bay has never doubted her magic, but the current fight is out of her wheelhouse. Magic is at the core of what’s happening, but their enemy is invisible.The Winchester witches have never met an enemy they can’t fight … until now. Will they be able to pull together and save Hemlock Cove? Or is the town doomed to fall to a curse without a name and an evil without a soul?Strap in, because the answer is more than anybody is expecting, and if everybody is to survive, the fight will have to move to an entirely new level.The game is on. In this one, the winner will take all.
Love the Winchester witches. Absolutely addicted to the series. Can’t wait to see who’ll be on her list next. Must read series
Now write faster I don’t wanna waitI wanna be tillie or nayNot sure whichLoved the book as the rest of the series
The whole family is cursed and it’s up to Bay and Landon to figure it out. It’s a rollicking good time at the lodge as Aunt Tillie’s antics come home to roost. Amanda Lee maintains the quality we’ve all come to expect from her.
Enjoyed the fun and the weirdness of this witch family. Each one has their own attitude disorder, and put them all together as a family, they glide back and forth with ease. The disorder happens when anyone tangles with any of the family. Then you had better duck and run!!!
I enjoyed this book enormously. It was fun, and sad (because suicidal curses) and bigfoot-ish… well that was just a tiny piece but kinda great. Scout and Gunner had a brief cameo in the end. Aunt Tillie was great as always. I couldn’t help wish just a bit that Mrs Little died even thought I knew she wouldn’t. Intriguing story and I still hate cults.Recommended author and series.
Well I finished this series with laughter and tears read a few of the short stories in between because the follow within the series, I really enjoyed this series I hope the others are also entertaining I will miss the family so hopefully there will be other books continuing their stories.


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