Frozen In Ice By Cynthia Eden

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Frozen In Ice (Ice Breaker Cold Case Romance Book 1) By Cynthia Eden


Book/Novel Author: Cynthia Eden

Book/Novel Title: Frozen In Ice



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Is he a drop dead gorgeous…killer?Delilah “Lila” Darrow doesn’t belong in the world of the rich and famous, but for one night, she’s going to wear the fanciest dress she can find and pretend that she does. Her plan—get close to reclusive billionaire Archer Radcliffe and find out…is he a murderer?She knows exactly what Archer likes. She knows how to slip beneath his guard. She knows how to make him fall for her. With the right tools, Delilah believes she can finally make Archer pay for the crime he committed so long ago.Payback is calling…and she’s wearing a dress made for sin.Delilah is part of a group of crime solvers called the Ice Breakers—an online team made up of individuals who have the goal of solving cold cases. Five years ago, Delilah’s sister disappeared without a trace. Since then, Delilah has made it her mission to close as many unsolved cases as possible. Archer Radcliffe will be the latest target in her quest.Except…Archer turns the tables on her. He sees through her lies. Tries to seduce her. And, he also swears his innocence.Can she trust him? Or is he playing her?Now that he has Delilah at his side, Archer can finally get the justice—the vengeance—he has craved. The only problem? The beautiful Delilah will be in danger. But Archer intends to stick close to her. So close that the world will believe they are completely in love. So close that a deadly enemy will want to strike. So close that just maybe—if he’s not careful—Archer might begin to fall for the woman he intends to use…Author’s note: Archer is rich, powerful, and definitely not a man you want as an enemy. Desire can be deadly, and revenge is always best served ice cold. Looking for danger, suspense, scorching scenes, and maybe even a few cold chills? FROZEN IN ICE has you covered.
When this book started, I was intrigued with the plot. And it only got better. There was a great balance of romance, steam, mystery, suspense, and action. Archer was called Alpha in some reviews, he’s really a Gamma (a term I just learned) because he is domineering, but actually cares for lots of people–and Delilah saw that in him. The chemistry and relationship between the two was fun, too! And of course the solving of the murder was expected and the stuff of a Hollywood action movie. I don’t give lots of 5 stars, but I did think this book deserves it.
This was such h a good read. I kinda wish we learn more about the group Delilah is involved in since it’s also mentioned In a different series. Loved the characters and the writing was amazing, of course. I cant wait for more from this author
The couple in this story have so much chemistry you can taste it. I read this book in three days and getting ready to start the next.
Cynthia Eden has done it again! I Love her Wilder series and now I am hooked on her Ice Breaker series. Lots of twists and turns great characters.
This book has intriguing, varied characters that are so entertaining. The story is full of mystery with twists and an unexpected romance. The wrap up is exciting and the ending is happy. It’s a very enjoyable book!!
Frozen In Ice by Cynthia Eden is the First book in the Ice Breaker Cold Case Series. This is the story of Archer Radcliffe and Delilah “Lila” Darrow. Delilah along with her friends are online crime reports who work to solve murders. Delilah’s sister had went missing and that is her motive for helping to locate people responsible for crimes. This leads her to Archer who she suspect is responsible for a crime. But Archer is in turn asking her to work with him to clear his name. This was an exciting read.


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