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Full: A Novel By Julia Spiro


Book/Novel Author: Julia Spiro

Book/Novel Title: Full



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To her followers, she advocates for an authentic and transparent life. In reality, she’s living a perfect lie.Wellness influencer Ava Maloney’s enormous success is based on total transparency, extolling the well-documented virtues of her full, balanced life.But the truth is, Ava’s social media platform is built on a lie. And her double life is beginning to take its toll.Escaping Los Angeles for a luxury wellness retreat on Martha’s Vineyard, Ava believes she can get everything back on track. No fans will be the wiser to the real reason for her visit. With the help of the other guests, staff, and a supportive local, Ava begins regaining control of her body, her mind, and her life. Except someone is onto her, threatening to expose the secret she’s hidden for so long. Ava was prepared to face her demons, but not publicly. Not yet.The fallout might also force Ava to finally reconcile who she’s been pretending to be with who she actually is—a woman discovering the real meaning of a full and balanced life.
I found myself thinking about this novel long after it was over – the author does an amazing job of putting you inside the head of a binge-and-purge bulimic young woman struggling with her body, her career (I would never want to be an influencer!), her relationships with people and food – all of which are seriously messed up. The descriptions of the Vineyard are lovely – I live here and it is a place of restoration and healing. Great, quick read — I am left with newfound empathy for those who struggle with eating disorders.
I kept getting annoyed with the main character because she seemed a little whiny. The trauma from her mom’s death and other childhood experiences was deep and well written. I loved the supporting characters at the retreat in her cabin, they made the story even better. I could have done without the sketchiness of the main leader of the retreat – seemed like the author was reaching for suspense that didn’t make sense.
This novel centers around her journey with Bulimia and dealing with her eating disorder – i thought the topic was handled well
I’ve never been bulimic so I thank you for explaining the mind tricks this disease pulls. Ava’s journey is amazing. What she goes through is brutal and heart wrenching. You have a gift I envy, being able to bring a character to life, uniquely individual. Thank you. I truly enjoyed this book.
Very good and enjoyable, I really liked it, it had a very interesting plot and hooked me in! I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good emotion evoking story. Full is a good book to read during the summer and I am looking forward to reading Julia Spiros’ other book Someone Else’s Secret.
An interesting look at the “life” of an influencener & the real life struggles that social media places on the young girls in society. As the mom of a 9 year old daughter, I see the types of posts and pictures that kids see and assume that is what real-life is. Great book, love the plot


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