Gage’s Goal By Dale Mayer

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Gage’s Goal (Terkel’s Team Book 3) By Dale Mayer


Book/Novel Author: Dale Mayer

Book/Novel Title: Gage’s Goal



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Gage hadn’t told the rest of his team, but he’d planned to meet up with Lorelei after their team disbanded. A little one-on-one time was needed to see if all the sparks they’d felt over the last few years were the real thing. He’d deliberately avoided getting involved with anyone he worked with, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Until all the team is decimated …Lorelei was in Manchester, hoping to run into Gage, but after a car accident that sent her to hospital with an injured leg, she had no idea what had happened to the others, until Terk contacted her. Once he realized what had befallen her, he figured out that her accident was likely no accident and probably the same potential annihilation that his team had experienced. Terk coaxes Lorelei to live in their temporary new headquarters, where she finds out Gage hadn’t contacted her by choice but because he couldn’t.Now on the mend, Gage is determined to keep her safe, only that’s much easier said than done, as the attacks turn on her and just … won’t … stop.
This is the third book in the Terkel Team series. Terkel’s team worked for the government in a black ops team. As soon as the team was disbanded there was an attack on the team as well as their support team in the government. Slowly members of Terk’s team are recovering from the attack, and as they recover, they find that they can’t avoid the relationships that they had put on hold. None of the men wanted a relationship because they thought their job would put the women in danger. Now it’s too late, the women they tried to protect are in danger. Terkel’s team needs to find out who is behind the attack, so they can stop having to look over their shoulder. In this book, Lorelei planned to get together with Gage when she heard that the team was disbanded. That doesn’t go as planned when Lorelei is his by a car. When Gage finds out about the accident, he can’t believe that her attack isn’t related to the attack on their team. Although each story in the series moves the reader closer to finding out who’s behind the attack, I love the originality of the plots and the brave women whose skills in computer hacking are vital to the team’s protection.I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Gage is finally out of the coma, and he’s ready to help find those responsible for the attack on the team. Lorelei worked for the government, and was Gages contact. When Terk gets a message from Lorelei telling him they are all in danger, he calls to find out what she’s talking about.From that point on, the story is fast paced and full of danger and drama.Lorelei is in as much danger as the rest of the team, so naturally she is brought into the fold with them, to keep her safe.Another winning read in the series! Loved my read, and can’t wait to see what happens in the next novel.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
When the team was disbanded by the government Gage had planned to meet up with his handler Lorelei. They had staid friends while working together. The team was attacked and several members ended up in a coma till they could heal enough to recover. Gage has just joined the group after coming out of the coma when Terk gets a call from Lorelei warning him the team is in danger.
Terkels Team has special capabilities. All related to energy, psychic abilities. The team was being disbanded, so they were told. Then all out blitz occurred. Each story is a different team member starting to awaken and be part of the group. Gages story was a lot of action, little respite. A quick read, plenty of action, page turner. Thank you for the arc I freely volunteer my thoughts and opinions.
Gage is still recuperating when he hears Lorelei was injured. Connecting the two events, Lorelei is moved in with Terk and the others. Constantly on the move, they hunt for clues to find answers. There is nothing I did not love about this book. Dale has officially became one of the authors for whom I will set other books aside. Great job!. I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
This series keeps getting better and more interesting. The team is coming back and more women are entering it. The connections as to what the men can do is always fascinating.


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