Gardening for Beginners By Max Carter

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Gardening for Beginners: This Book Includes: Hydroponics + Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners. The Ultimate Guide on How to Grow Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs All the Year-Round By Max Carter


Book/Novel Author: Max Carter

Book/Novel Title: Gardening for Beginners

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Discover the only blueprint you need to cultivate your own organic, fresh and natural fruits, veggies and herbs all year round and learn how to grow your favorite plants without soil!

Are you tired of buying pesticide-laden and chemically treated groceries? Have you always wanted to set up your own modern garden to produce your favorite plants all year long using either hydroponics or greenhouses, or, if you’re more ambitious, both? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then this book is just what you need to get started! In this comprehensive book, you’re going to find everything you need to know to set up and manage a greenhouse and a hydroponic garden without fuss. You’ll learn how to effectively extend the growing season, as well as grow some essential fruits, herbs, and veggies even if you don’t have an ample backyard! In Hydroponics , you’re going to learn: * Why hydroponics is the future of agricultural production in the coming years * Types of crops best suited for growing in a hydroponic garden * The important differences between hydroponic gardening and traditional gardening * 6 different types of hydroponics garden and how to choose the one best suited for your needs * Step-by-step instructions to build your own hydroponics system from scratch * How to effectively maintain your hydroponics system and keep it in top growing condition * …and much more!

Finally, here’s what you’re going to learn in Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners : * Important factors you need to consider before buying your first (or next) greenhouse * Surefire steps to construct your own greenhouse from scratch * Everything you need to know about heating, cooling and ventilation processes for greenhouses * Effective ways to prevent wind damage to your greenhouse * Keeping your greenhouse free from insects and pests, as well as fertilization instructions * The ultimate greenhouse growing calendar for fruits and vegetables * …and tons more!

Designed specifically for people new to gardening, this introductory book to gardening for beginners will equip with modern, cutting-edge gardening techniques that will help you become a bonafide green thumb. Even if you’re a seasoned gardener, you’ll find something in the pages of this book that will take your skills to the next level. Scroll to the top of the page and click the “Buy Now” button to start your gardening adventure today! **

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