Get Home By Derek Shupert

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Get Home: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Brink of Extinction Book 3) By Derek Shupert


Book/Novel Author: Derek Shupert

Book/Novel Title: Get Home



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With Indiana in their sights……they have no choice but to stop.Will the storm or their pursuers be the end of Cory and Anna?Why hadn’t he thought about it before? Winchester, Illinois was where his old friend, Abe lived. He wasn’t just a pal, Abe had a bunker. Maybe they could hide and ride out the weather. Perhaps they could even escape the two men trying to kill them.What they didn’t know……was someone guessed their next move.Was the bunker out of reach?The clock ticked. The temperature dropped. And in the town of Winchester, a battle for control between two rivals may be their downfall.This ending you won’t see coming.You’ll love this final installment in the Brink of Extension series, because surviving the apocalypse will take everything they’ve got.Get Home is a gripping post-apocalyptic thriller featuring flawed, complex characters and riveting action. A disaster/survival series perfect for fans of Ryan Schow, Grace Hamilton, Harley Tate, Jack Hunt, Boyd Craven, and Kyla Stone.Get it now.





4.9/5309 ratings