Get Strong! By Jake Steinfeld

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Get Strong!: Body by Jake’s Guide to Building Confidence, Muscl By Jake Steinfeld


Book/Novel Author: Jake Steinfeld

Book/Novel Title: Get Strong!



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**”I want you to spill your guts — dreams and fears, successes and failures — before you spill them on the training floor. You probably have many questions about how to better your body, your mind, and your future; so if you’re ready to listen, I have the answers!”**
— From the introduction to *Get Strong!*
Now is the time to become the guy that you have always wanted to be! *Get Strong!* is the first guide to not only getting in shape, but also getting your life in gear. Fitness motivator Jake Steinfeld, better known to the world as “Body by Jake,” helps you learn the basic steps to a more confident, more powerful, and healthier life. From bicep curls to life evaluations, Jake takes a whole new look at how to make it through your teenage years, and not just as another peg on the totem pole, but as the Big Man on Campus.
Chock-full of real-life tales from Jake’s own youth and descriptions and illustrations of exercises to get yourself in shape, *Get Strong!* is the plan you need to become strong and confident. So get off your buttissimo and get down to business, because as Jake says, “I want you to build the most impressive physique that you thought possible with this book, but I also want you to build an impressive future.” By following the steps outlined in *Get Strong!,* you will achieve just that.
A portion of the proceeds of *Get Strong!* will go to the Don’t Quit! Foundation. **
### Review
Fitness motivator Jake Steinfeld, the man behind Body by Jake, wants to pump you up. In his superpositive guide, Jake supplies readers with the tools for success in life, asking them to provide the effort and the commitment. Before he even describes the first physical exercise, this relentlessly upbeat trainer urges his new trainees to do some serious mental workouts. Readers are asked to stand in front of a mirror and evaluate how they see themselves, physically and mentally. Throughout, Jake includes dozens of stories of guys–including himself–who sat around on their “buttisimos” until they started setting goals for themselves. Don’t worry, it’s not all “rapadoo” (motivational speak). The center chapter describes in detail the Get Strong Workout, complete with warmup stretches; power, stamina, and strength training; and daily exercises for abs, shoulders, triceps, back, etc. For guys who can’t abide the gentler *Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul* approach to self-help, Body by Jake provides a tough (but caring), masculine (dare we say macho?) alternative. There’s good information about diet, steroid use, leadership, and mental health, in addition to the strength- and confidence-building rapadoo. (Ages 13 and older) *–Emilie Coulter*
### About the Author
**Jake Steinfeld** is best known as the man behind Body by Jake. He created the industry of Personal Fitness Training and built Body by Jake into a house-hold icon, symbolic of strength, motivation, and ideal physical stature. Jake created the world’s first 24-hour fitness television network and also starred in his own sitcom, *Big Brother Jake.* He is the founder of the nonprofit Don’t Quit! Foundation and of Major League Lacrosse.





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