Gettysburg By Tim Black

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Gettysburg: The Crossroads Town By Tim Black


Book/Novel Author: Tim Black

Book/Novel Title: Gettysburg



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History teacher Nathan Greene’s plans for his students to hear Abraham Lincoln present his Gettysburg Address go awry when two ghostly historians secretly change the plans. Instead, the time-traveling classroom portable lands just before dawn on July 1, 1863, the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Greene and his students, Victor, Minerva and Bette, find themselves marooned in the tiny Pennsylvania town at the beginning of the pivotal battle of the Civil War.
The intrepid group of time travelers must survive the battle and its aftermath until the classroom portable returns to rescue them. In the ensuing weeks, as they witness historic events, they also work as nurses, grave-diggers, and more—and find themselves in the midst of a war that doesn’t just divide the country, but also their team. Victor soon encounters legendary notables such as Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Confederate General George Pickett, while Bette and Minerva cross paths with Union General George Meade, Minerva meets noted Gettysburg diarist Sarah Broadhead, and Mr. Greene overhears a conversation between General Lee and General Longstreet regarding battle tactics.
Can the teacher and his students make it through one of the most dangerous times in U.S. history to hear Lincoln’s famous speech? And, more importantly…can they make it safely home to their own time? **
### About the Author
Tim Black is a retired history teacher and the author of several books including a memoir with his daughter Taylor, entitled Daydreams & Diaries. He has written additional novels for adults. Gettysburg: The Crossroads Town is the second in the Tesla’s Time Travelers series for middle readers.





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