Glistening Sunsets By Katie Winters

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Glistening Sunsets (A Mount Desert Island Series Book 5) By Katie Winters


Book/Novel Author: Katie Winters

Book/Novel Title: Glistening Sunsets



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It’s spring in Bar Harbor, and Brittany Keating is on top of the world.After twenty years of emotional abuse, Brittany has finally set a restraining order against her husband, Conner.With the divorce proceedings in motion, Brittany uses her newfound inner power to flourish in the antique industry. She plans a redesign for her beautiful shop, Bar Harbor Antiques, and drives across New England with her daughter, Valerie— purchasing gorgeous pieces like the Federico Munari Velvet Curved Sofa, a nineteenth-century French commode, and a Chinese Chippendale, to name a few.Without her husband to hold her back, Brittany is already better than ever before— richer, stronger, healthier, and happier.But her entire future crumbles when, in the dark of the night, someone breaks into her warehouse and steals nearly thousands and thousands of dollars worth of inventory.The robbery sets Brittany off on a hunt to catch the thief. Together with her cousins, the Harvey Sisters, Luke, her daughter, and a handsome police officer named Brad, Brittany fights for her newfound freedom.Throughout the trauma and very real pain of being wronged, Brittany finds solace in family and laughter, in gorgeous dinners at the Keating House, and silly conversations with her daughter.Dive into this new women’s fiction series, Mount Desert Island— an unfolding family drama of heartache, longing, and secrets on a beautiful island off the coast of Maine.
Loved the story and all the characters! Glad that everything worked out in the end and the culprits were caught!
I love this author. In this book she had great characters, plot and the good guys won! Can’t wait to read the next one.
I really enjoyed this book. I think seeing Brittney move from her abusive marriage with Conner and become the strong independent woman was great. Her daughter helped her make a huge difference. I also thought having her family be part of the story- her cousins and kids – made it more real. Love seeing the way Ben becomes stronger and more sure of himself as well. Brittney and Ben dance around each other – as only Katie winters can have them do – which was pretty fun too. Read this book, you will not be disappointed.
She has done it again! As much as we don’t want to see it some people are just not good people. They weave themselves into our lives and take over. I was glad to see that our heroine saw it and faced it and actually fought back. There are enough soft spots to make this book the full package. Love this writer!
How does Katie Winters keep churning out these absolutely incredible books? I keep thinking they can’t keep up this awesome standard…but each one is better than the one before! Way to go, Katie! Glistening Sunsets is totally kick ass…seriously.It’s got a freakin awesome storyline; characters that you love—and love to hate; unbelievable twists snd turns; and a HEA that literally makes your heart sing! You need to grab your copy of this book TODAY…you don’t want to miss this one! (I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book and absolutely loved it!!) ❤️❤️
Katie Winter’s Glistening Sunsets has a great storyline. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of good and evil . Also, several characters, after facing terrible sadness in their lives, decided to move ahead with their “dreams” and better themselves. It’s nice to see the character development. I highly recommend this book.


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4.9/5309 ratings