Going the Distance By David Horne

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Going the Distance By David Horne


Book/Novel Author: David Horne

Book/Novel Title: Going the Distance



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Summary & Review

Anything, and sometimes everything, happens in Las Vegas. It’s a place for dreamers, gamblers and a destination for when people want to get lost. So, do things that happen in Vegas, really stay in Vegas?
For Joe Summer, it is just a home, a place where he fits in, and everyone knows him. As a famous mixed martial arts fighter, Joe wants out of the spotlight. He has many acquaintances, but no friends. His employer is a thug who thinks the world owes him something. Joe knows there were better things in the world than following a gangster, but he has a strategy that means Joe must bide his time. When Joe sets out to find his latest mark, little does he know the man will change his life forever.
Brian Riley has a vision, but no design. He isn’t a gambler, but he does have luck on his side. He needs money but isn’t interested in cheating the system. Random games and accidental fortune leads Brian through the electric glow of the Vegas strip. When he wandered into a shady hotel with a sleazy casino, it is a mistake that changes his life forever.
When Brian finds himself on the wrong end of a corrupt casino owner, he has no idea he’ would meet a hero. And, Joe has a plan and the forethought to help both of them escape the worst troubles of their lives.
Please Note: This book contains adult language and steamy adult activities, it is intended for 18+ Adults Only. Novel, approximately 35,000 words in length. HEA (happy ever after ending). Does not end with a “cliffhanger.” Themes include: Chance meeting, underworld element, Las Vegas, martial arts, gambling, making a comeback, MMA





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