Grace By Love Belvin

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Grace (Prism Book 2) By Love Belvin


Book/Novel Author: Love Belvin

Book/Novel Title: Grace



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Ashira is now in the know of Jas’ complicated world—or is she?The “construction laborer” is really a wealthy felon with too many inexplicable circumstances to fathom for her narrow worldviews. But will Jas share more of his complexities? Will Ashira be able to absorb them with understanding, leaving the judgement behind?Two souls, still galaxies apart, but bound by love.The unanticipated UFO has collided into her world like a ferocious asteroid. Find out if their unmitigated passion for each other is enough to flourish in Grace.Publisher’s Note: “Grace” is book TWO of a THREE book series. It ends on a suspenseful CLIFFHANGER. This book contains angst, violence, profanity, sexually explicit content, and potential gory material. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.
Oh wow! This was good. Excellent. I’m ready for it all. I love the rawness of emotions in both parties. ❤️❤️❤️
This book gave me what I expect each time I pick up a book with the Belvin name on it! The characters were strong and crazy, lol. It’s something I enjoy when reading Ms. Belvin. Both main characters were complex and simple. I identified with Shi-Shi because I loved a man who had murdered someone! I’ve already told my book partner that this book was worthy of the Belvin name it could have been a standalone! Book one should have been free! Book two brought restoration!
I can’t wait for Promise!!! I loved the story line. Most of Jas’s secrets are out but there has to be more. It’s an exciting story I recommend it for young adults on up

I don’t know where to start so I’ll end it with this journey was unbelievable. A real book written by a talented author. I can never get enough. Each chapter was filled with suspense, excitement, hot loving and leading in a direction I was not willing to except. Thank you Love Belvin. I’ll be anxiously waiting for your next one.
Always excited when new clients come out in love belvin’s books. Jas and Ashera are a unique couple. Jas has worked so hard to change his life. Ashera allowed so much trying to get to know Jas. I can truly say I’m excited see how this plays out.


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