Grady By Cee Bowerman

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Grady: Texas Kings MC, Book 13 By Cee Bowerman


Book/Novel Author: Cee Bowerman

Book/Novel Title: Grady



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Grady is one of the Texas Kings who stands off to the side quietly and watches the world around him.He’d grown up with his single mother who was a close friend to some of the original members of the Kings.It was an unconventional childhood that taught him to see people for who they are inside instead of as the labels society gave them for their against the grain choices and lifestyle.Not your stereotypical biker, Grady has carved a niche for himself in the business world. He and his mom, working together like they always have, are experiencing success like they’ve never known.When a woman he’s watched from afar needs help, Grady is more than ready to step in and lend a hand.He’ll make sure she’s safe, along with her little girl and the baby she’s carrying, and hope that she can love him almost as much as he already loves her.Ella grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in a small house with a woman who shouldn’t be trusted to take care of a houseplant, let alone two daughters.After escaping for just a little while, she’s thrown right back into the fray at home where she’ll have to stay until she can work out an escape plan and save some more money.Another unforeseen event unfolds, and the ties that hold her to her family get so tight that she can’t see any way out.Her knight in shining armor comes in the form of a quiet biker who gives her the gentle support and friendship she and her little girl so desperately need.With his help, she can escape the life she came from, but can she accept the life he wants to give her?When the opportunity arises to put an end to one of the ugliest parts of her past, she sticks close to the women she’s met and lets them help her take care of things like no one else in Rojo can.Now that she’s safe, can she let Grady in and live the life she’s only ever dreamed of?





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