Grandma’s Silent Auction By Michael James

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Grandma’s Silent Auction By Michael James


Book/Novel Author: Michael James

Book/Novel Title: Grandma’s Silent Auction

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My Grandma throws a New Year’s Eve party every year. She holds a silent auction to raise money for charity. This year, I put one of my designs in the auction. I wore the red dress at her command against what I wanted to do. It was a little too daring for me. I am anything but daring. When it came time to reveal the winners, I learned my Grams auctioned me off, as well. I am hurt she’d do such a thing to me. It wasn’t just one man, but ten men. For some crazy reason, I can’t quite understand yet, I am going along with her plan.
Malcolm Miller is a white hat hacker that lives in California and that’s about all I know of him. Time will tell if he’s the man for me or not. Even if he is, I still have nine more men to meet after him. Nine more months of being the girl that was auctioned off. **

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