Grease the Wheel By Amanda M. Lee

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Grease the Wheel (A Two Broomsticks Gas & Grill Witch Cozy Mystery Book 5) By Amanda M. Lee


Book/Novel Author: Amanda M. Lee

Book/Novel Title: Grease the Wheel



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Stormy Morgan is a witch with too much attitude, an old love fueling new fires in her soul, and a talking cat who keeps threatening to give her an ulcer. She’s got a full plate. Things get even busier in her life when a body drops outside her boyfriend Hunter Ryan’s house … and the death looks like more than a standard murder.Even though her magic is growing at an exponential rate, Stormy is still a novice when it comes to wielding her new power. She’s determined to find answers, prove herself invaluable to Hunter in the process, but each lead brings more questions … and all of them are of the mind-blowing variety.The victim, a man who wove a tapestry of lies across multiple towns, doesn’t stir Stormy’s sympathy. The puzzle of his life is too much for her to ignore though. On top of that, her new roommate has turned into a big problem, and she has no idea how to fix it.Stormy moved home to make her life better, and she’s succeeding at every turn. That doesn’t mean she’s safe.At her core, she’s a fighter … and she’s going to need all her strength for what’s to come. The victim’s vices were of the human variety, but what killed him was something so much more dangerous. It’s up to Stormy to save the day. Again.If she can, that is.
I didn’t suspect the killer until the end. While the premise may be kind of silly, which I like, the plot development is excellent.
The story plots are interesting, but geez the whiny about her past and whether they love eachother yet they’re soul mates blah blah blah is just way too much. These would be so much better without all of the overthinking and excessive drama. It’s like she’s filling pages with emotional drama because there isn’t enough to the story plot. These are good books, but they are destroyed with constant complaining and regrets. These are terrible books if you want an escape from thinking about life questions and regrets. The author is talented but it’s soo much emotional whining. Otherwise the stories are good. Sorry I’m 5 books in now and I am so sick of hearing about her regrets and do they love eachother but yes the universe revolves around them. I just want to know if the cat is a gnome and that’d be a way better story! I hung on because I like the premise and hoped that it would get more into the witchcraft, grandpa, and the cat but it’s just getting more into a bad counselling session that never ends. Please excuse the typos. Leaving a review using my phone was incredibly difficult on this app.
Stormy is just starting to understand her witchy self. I’m ready to read more about her and Hunter. I hope they show up in other stories.
I just love this series. It’s light hearted, entertaining and a quick read. The characters are comical, quirky and relatable.
Really enjoyed this series, can’t wait for next book. Love all of Amanda’s books. I like the way her series overlap one another.
Love this series but starting to hate the talking cat, who’s a shape shifting gnome, with no answers. It’s all great fun.


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4.9/5309 ratings