Grimalkins Don’t Purr By Kim Mc Dougall

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Grimalkins Don’t Purr: A Paranormal Suspense Novel with a Touch of Romance (Valkyrie Bestiary Book 4) By Kim Mc Dougall


Book/Novel Author: Kim Mc Dougall

Book/Novel Title: Grimalkins Don’t Purr



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Kyra Greene is out of this world—literally. Jacoby, her fire dervish, has been lost in the Nether for weeks. Only Kyra can find him but not without help from her estranged father. There’s only one snag in that plan. Daddy is dead.

To save Jacoby, Kyra will travel between worlds with her band of misfit creatures. And this time, she won’t be facing ghosts from Mason’s past. She’ll be going head to head with the distant dryad branch of her family and maybe digging up a few ghosts of her own.

Grimalkins Don’t Purr is the fourth book in the Valkyrie Bestiary Series.
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I love this latest journey with these wonderful characters! Thank you so much for writing these stories and sharing them with us. I can not wait for the next book to see what happens next.
Great series a.s quick reads! They pull you in and next thi g you know you are waiting for the next book! Hope its not a long wait!
This was a really cool story. Loved the journey into the Nether world. I suspected would bring home a new pet. And I wasn’t let down.Looking forward for the next story.
The entire series is fun to read and interesting with all the different creatures.It isn’t your usual paranormal read.
I had read the first three books quite awhile ago.Then, book 4 showed up in my recommended reading so I had to have it.The author did a great job of gently reminding me of characters and things that happened in the previous stories without bogging everything down.Now, I want to go back and re-read the first books while I wait on pins and needles for Book 5.
This book was a continuation on the first three so to properly enjoy you must read them all in order.There is just enough romance to keep me happy.The love story is great, the world building is even better!


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