Griz By Eddie Cleveland

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Griz: A Fake Relationship College Hockey Romance By Eddie Cleveland


Book/Novel Author: Eddie Cleveland

Book/Novel Title: Griz

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This fake relationship romance has it all! Funny, awkward moments. The “will they or won’t they”? And so much tension and steam it’ll make you sweat! Don’t miss out on the book readers are saying they “inhaled in one day” and they “couldn’t put down!”One thousand dollars. I wasn’t supposed to bid at Westbury’s Bachelor Auction. In fact, I was hosting the event when I decided to lean into the microphone and yell out that ridiculous amount. I blame Bridezilla’s stupid text (oops, I mean my sister). It made me lose my mind. I’m pleading temporary insanity. Then Griz walked out on stage. He’s one of Westbury’s elite jocks. A hockey boy. A Warrior. He came out looking all tall, dark and smug-exy. With his broad shoulders, towering height and hotter than hell face, he was just too perfect. I could just imagine my sister’s face, her jaw on the floor, seeing him in a suit on my arm. Whew. Is it hot in here or just me? Bridezilla assumed I wouldn’t need a plus-one for her wedding. Why? Because I’m the curvy girl. The one who never quite measured up against her blonde perfection. My whole life she’s made me feel like a red-headed freaking potato and… I dunno, I lost my senses.Griz will be the perfect fake boyfriend to take to her wedding. I’ve just got to keep my real feelings in check. It’ll be fine. As long as I don’t fall for his intense eyes, his chiseled muscles or his big teddy-bear smile…I think I’m in trouble.

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