Halton By Melanie Moreland

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Halton: Vested Interest #6 By Melanie Moreland


Book/Novel Author: Melanie Moreland

Book/Novel Title: Halton

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When love turns to hate-that’s where I come in. I’m Halton Andrew Smithers, attorney. Hal to my clients and friends. Messy divorces, deadbeat dads, runaway wives, cheating partners-I handle them all.I know the seedy side of love, and it isn’t pretty. I avoid emotional attachments-I’ve seen all too often when hot passion turns to frozen tundra.I satisfy myself with helping people behind the scenes. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that completes my life. Until she enters it and everything I believe is turned upside down.She fills a void I never knew existed, and I know without her, my life will never be the same again.For the first time, I want to try.For her. But am I strong enough?

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