Happily Ever After in Bliss By Lexi Blake

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Happily Ever After in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado Book 11) By Lexi Blake


Book/Novel Author: Lexi Blake

Book/Novel Title: Happily Ever After in Bliss

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A man hiding from his natureHenry Flanders never dreamed his past would catch up to him. After all, the man he used to be is dead and buried. He made a clean break with life in the CIA. He moved to Bliss under a new name. For years he has been living a dream, married to his lovely Nell. Now a miracle has happened, and they have a baby on the way. Life is perfect, or rather it was until a violent cartel showed up in Bliss ready to reap their bloody vengeance on the man he used to be.A woman shaken to her foundationNell Flanders has never met a problem she couldn’t handle, but discovering her husband isn’t the man she thought was more than she was prepared for. How can she trust Henry, when John Bishop—the ruthless man he used to be—keeps bringing deadly problems to their door? She has a beautiful life growing inside her, and now she isn’t sure her marriage can survive long enough to welcome their child into the world.A reckoning that will shake Bliss to its coreHenry isn’t willing to give up on his life with Nell, but it’s going to take some Bliss magic to overcome the forces pulling them apart. When the full weight of Henry’s past comes to bear on the town and the bullets start flying, it might just be Bishop, and some old friends, who can save the day and win back her heart.

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