Harvest Rest By Teri Blake

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Harvest Rest (Driftwood Bay Book 3) By Teri Blake


Book/Novel Author: Teri Blake

Book/Novel Title: Harvest Rest



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USA Today Bestselling author Teri Blake brings you the next installment in this year-long look at a solid relationship.Karla’s perfectionism has crept back…Every time stress steals into her life, she deals with it by creating a perfect bubble. That bursts when her children come home from their father’s smelling of pot and asking to never return. Sawyer has his own troubles. He’s doing the work of two since his business partner had to leave suddenly.Construction on the inn has started and Karla can’t get anyone to talk to her or help her when things don’t go right. Her sister Channyon would normally be her rock without Sawyer, but she’s got pain of her own to go through.Channyon kept a big secret from her sister Karla for the past five years…her marriage.Secrets and miscommunication drove Channyon and Becker apart, and she’s sure there’s been infidelity. She’s not sure if the infidelity is worse because it was her spouse…or because it was with her sister.But what if she’s wrong?Becker Garret married the woman of his dreams.As a lawyer, he needed someone independent who could think on her feet and who didn’t need him constantly by her side to be happy. Channyon was that woman and he believes she still is. But she also believes, erroneously, that he’s had an affair with her sister.Channyon’s hurt is deep and unyielding. Will their path lead to reconciliation or separation? Will Karla and Sawyer connect and learn the ins and outs of both their needs?In this quaint town, where family comes first, neighbors look out for each other, and old wounds run deep, four sisters try to forge a new business and figure out who they are as a group again. But will secrets and the pain of infidelity break them all apart?Get your copy now


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