Have Your Ticket Punched by Frank James

Have Your Ticket Punched by Frank James by Fedora Amis

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Following the Civil War, Frank and Jesse James earned recognition as the utmost notorious robbers of banks and trains the person lived. Jesse died in the year of 1882. Frank proceeded to go directly. Nov 2012 of 1898 found your guy punching seat tickets in a St . Louis theater. From this backdrop, journalist Jemima “Jemmy” McBustle investigates the loss of life of the good-looking athletic associates. She chases leads through the boxing night clubs and against the law rounds of 1898 St . Louis. Signs appeal her across the town on the frantic chase from theater to section store to the town jail to the grand Jewish reasonable. Your woman even explores the seedy world of patent medication creators who flourished in the time prior to the Pure Food and Medication Action of 1906 clamped down on the opiate trade.

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