Haven By Tasha Black

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Haven: Alien Surrogate Agency #2 By Tasha Black


Book/Novel Author: Tasha Black

Book/Novel Title: Haven



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Can he tame her wild spirit long enough to give her his child?Kai needs a child, an heir for his fortune. But from the moment the big Maltaffian lays eyes on his intended surrogate, he instantly feels an insatiable hunger only she can assuage. If the impatient little Terran wasn’t so anxious to hurry along their conception, maybe he could make her realize she needs him too.Haven never expected to be a surrogate for an alien, but she’s always up for an adventure. When her best friend decides to volunteer with the top-secret fertility clinic, Haven jumps in right alongside her, with both feet. Though she might be a bit of a party girl right now, she knows she might be glad one day that she took the once-in-a-lifetime chance to restore her fertility.And the free vacation and cash bonus will be the icing on the cake.Then she meets Kai.At first, she’s happy to ogle the mouth-wateringly beautiful Maltaffian male, and secretly very pleased to learn that they’ll be making his baby the old-fashioned way.But then out of nowhere, he becomes wildly possessive, snarling at anyone who comes near her, making crazy statements about sharing his fortune and his fancy life with her, and swearing he’ll never let her go back to Terra-58 where he can’t protect her.And that’s when things at the Midsummer Fertility Center start to get weird.Author’s Note:This Science Fiction Romance contains fictional alien solutions to infertility and depictions of surrogacy for aliens that are in no way based on human gestational carrier practices. Resolve, The National Infertility Association, is a non-profit resource for information and advocacy, and may be a helpful resource for anyone seeking support in their fertility journey.
Oh my gosh!! Haven and Kai were so awesome together. These couples are so sweet, I am loving it. The world building is so wonderful and interesting. I would recommend this book.
Tasha Black does it again. I love a fast paced, exciting, and hard to put down book. This is Haven and Kai’s story. Oh what a story. After hearing a conversation that she “accidentally“ heard the adventurous Haven decided she could be a surrogate for an alien. In the culture she is in now it’s all about conceiving and having a child, which Haven seems in capable of. After hearing about the male aliens being able to impregnate her, which will start her ability to have more children it was a no-brainer to go.What Haven hadn’t expected was for a gorgeous large alien named Kai to start being overly protective, and growling at her. What she doesn’t know is she is Kai’s forever mate. The book is fast paced, the characters are so wonderful and the author has put forth such descriptions of where they are what it is like and most of all being able to get inside the characters head. And who doesn’t like a happily ever after that has a baby in it.?
Very sweet with insta love of a fated mate.The premises was unique and the overall speedy pregnancy was a bit weird.I honestly want to see Oberon getting his happily ever after. Such a unique character and his pov’s were kind of fun.A m/f alien romance with insta love and the fastest pregnancy and birth ever.
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 April 2022Haven had not realised quite how much she had wanted a child of her own until she had discovered that she was having infertility problems and now she had heard of an option that she could possibly apply to join, it was something totally new but she was willing to try anything.Kai had spent his life being raised by his father to take over the family company and now that his parents had gone and his younger years seemed to have ticked by far more quickly than he ever expected he was focused now on only having a child of his own even though this would have to be done via fertility.Kai had been matched with a Terran female and she was going to meet him at a special fertility clinic that was run by an AI who had some of the most amazing success and it was constantly trying to improve its methods so that they could assist more people that were in need of help in starting a family.Haven had hoped that she would be able to help Kai with his hopes in having a child of his own and although she had not known much about the race of Maltaffian, she had had since discovered that she was in fact his fated mate and that as soon as she fell pregnant, they could expect to have a baby in their arms within a week which was half Terran and Maltaffian race and they would have a wonderful life as a family,This was a very cleverly written story and the way in which the surrogacy agency worked in this instance with the AI by the mane of Oberan was extremely cleverly written, I enjoyed every moment of the book and am sure that other readers will be as inspired as myself.I do not want to spoil the plot so will say no more about the three of them, I assure you that you will enjoy every single moment of this book.I assure you that you will love every moment of this book it is simply a fantastic read.I voluntarily received and review an Advanced Reader CopyI thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications; keep up all the great writing.
Kai is a Maltaffian and he needs an heir for his fortune. Haven has a fertility issues that prevent her from having a child of her own. The solution is simple, Haven can be a surrogate for a Maltaffian, and once the child is born Haven’s fertility will be restored. Haven is attracted to Kai and he is also attracted to Haven. Will they be able to work out their differences so they can have a future together? I loved this book, the characters are great and the story is original. This is a great read.
Haven overhears a conversation that changes her life. She shares the information with others with the same problem as hers.This book keeps you wondering what will happen next and if things will happens like you want them to. I can hardly wait to read the next one!!!


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