Head Over Hooves By Erin Nicholas

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Head Over Hooves (Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild): a hot holiday fling, small town rom com By Erin Nicholas


Book/Novel Author: Erin Nicholas

Book/Novel Title: Head Over Hooves



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You know in movies where the big city girl lands in a small town for the holidays and falls for the hunky guy who saves Christmas? This isn’t that story. But this guy does look fantastic in flannel. And out of flannel…Finding true love with his one-and-only soul mate? Drew Ryan’s given up on that.But a hot holiday fling in Louisiana, far from his responsibilities and good guy image back home, is now on the top of his list for Santa.So when he’s knocked on his ass—literally—by a Christmas elf who’s stealing a sleigh full of gifts and using his reindeer to commit the crime, he definitely doesn’t expect to fall head over heels.This holiday couldn’t get any worse for Rory Robins.First, her hair wasn’t supposed to turn green. It’s not even Christmas green.And the elf costume wasn’t supposed to be two sizes too small.And her con-man father wasn’t supposed to show up and go all real-life-Grinch on her beloved new hometown.And she definitely wasn’t supposed to run into anyone while trying to fix the problem. Especially not the hunky guy who already seems too good to be true. But he does have a way of making her “cocoa” even hotter and a whole lot sweeter… Still, he lives in Iowa. The only good thing her father ever gave her was a healthy distrust of men who are never around. She’s not doing a long-distance thing.This little fling is only going to last as long as the temporary color of her hair.Only nothing seems to be fading. And she might be asking Santa for just one more thing…
A good Christmas story with a hot Drew and sweet Rory. Lots of animals and a little bit of suspense made for a good holiday read.
This was a good book. I highly recommend this and the previous books in this series. I will be reading more by Erin Nicholas.
There is nothing to dislike Erin Nicholas is a great writer yes I do recommend this book I chose this rating because it is well written and I am from Louisiana
I don’t like to give spoilers on the books that I read. I believe the blurb on the back is enough for you to decide if you will read the book or not. If you choose to read, enjoy!
Hair stylist Rory Robins is relatively new to Autre, Louisiana, but she’s quickly grown fond of her adopted hometown. In an effort to become more involved in the community, she volunteers to organize the inaugural Santa’s Village at Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild’s petting zoo. It turns out to be more of a challenge than she anticipated, but she’s determined to do whatever it takes to make it a success – including fend off a potential threat from her ex-con father. Meanwhile, the Landrys’ friend Drew Ryan has traveled from his farm in Iowa to drop off a few reindeer for the event, hoping to shed his “nice guy” reputation while he’s in town and maybe even have a fling with a bayou girl. He’s not counting on meeting Rory and immediately feeling a connection with her, or the inability to turn off his natural inclination to jump in and offer help. When he thinks Rory needs help avoiding an uncomfortable situation, he does the first thing he can think of and kisses her. Now they can’t seem to get each other off their minds, but neither Drew nor Rory is interested in a long-distance relationship. Is their romance doomed before it even begins? Rory and Drew were super cute together, and even though their feelings for each other grew quickly, their connection seemed genuine. I’ve liked Drew ever since we met him in the Hot Cakes series, but he absolutely shined as the hero of his own story. So much more than just a nice guy, Drew was secretly a smoking hot dirty talker who wanted a chance to experiment, but hadn’t found anyone with whom to share that side of himself. Rory connected with both his nice guy and hidden sides, which was just one of the reasons that she was so perfect for him. As for Rory, I felt terrible for her having to deal with everything her father put her through! All she wanted was to find a home and family of her own, and just when she thought she might have found that in Autre, her father showed up and threatened to ruin everything. Thankfully, everything worked out for her in the end, and she realized that she could trust Drew and the Landrys to be there for her no matter what. Overall, “Head Over Hooves” was a great combination of sweet and spicy with plenty of holiday cheer and Landry family shenanigans included. I recommend it for all fans of contemporary romance and romantic comedy. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in Zander’s story!
What a fun book!! It all started with Rory dressed as an elf, with lime green hair, candy cane striped thigh highs and an exposing elf dress. She was trying to herd the goats all together (not very successfully) when Drew shows up with reindeer. He instantly falls for her and she for him. They have some crazy things happen in between but then they get their HEA.


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