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Headcase (Necessary Evils Book 4) By Onley James


Book/Novel Author: Onley James

Book/Novel Title: Headcase



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Asa Mulvaney is half of a psychopathic whole. He and his twin brother live together, party together…kill together. In the Mulvaney family, murder is the family business and business is good. So, when an experiment separates Asa and his brother, Asa is forced to navigate the world on his own for the first time in his life.Zane Scott is a small-time crime blogger, but he dreams of a byline in a major paper and his suspicions surrounding Thomas Mulvaney are about to make that dream a reality. When an invitation to a boring fundraiser lands him not beside Thomas, as he had hoped, but Asa Mulvaney, they share an intensely passionate encounter that leaves Zane trapped in a cage of his own making.At a nearby college, a cluster of suicides isn’t what it seems. When Asa’s father asks him to look into it, he sees the perfect opportunity to exploit his little crime reporter and make him fall in line. And Asa needs him to fall in line. Zane is suspicious of Asa’s motives and half-convinced he’s dead either way, but he won’t say no to a chance to peek behind the Mulvaney family curtains.As the two unravel a sinister plot, Asa’s obsession with Zane grows and Zane finds being Asa’s sole focus outweighs almost anything, maybe even his career—which is good for Asa because loving a Mulvaney is a full-time job. Can he convince Zane that he’s worth navigating a family of psychopaths and tolerating an almost too close for comfort twin? Or will Zane learn the hard way that the Mulvaney boys always get what they want? Always.Headcase is a high heat, intense, lovers-to-frenemies, psychopath romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features an obsessive, calculating psychopath and a wannabe reporter who will stop at nothing to earn himself a major byline. As always, there’s gratuitous violence, very dark humor, enough killers to fill an auditorium, and enough heat to melt your kindle. This is book four in the Necessary Evils series. Each book follows a different couple.
I was worried about the triggers but they were mild, *in my opinion*. The mention of the dark activities was the best part of the books aside from the romance. Cant wait to read the rest.
Each and every one of the Necessary Evils stories has completely captivated me. Witty, funny, and hot as hell. Can’t wait for more!
Asa and Avi have always been attached at the hip, but when their father decides they need to be more independent from each other he splits them up and gives them their own cases to work on. Zane is looking for his big break in to the journalism field, and the Mulvanys are the fastest way to get there. When one night of passion connect these two on a case dealing with a string of local suicides they have to work together before anyone else dies. M/M Relationship Primal Play, Breeding Kink, Rough Sex, Insta Love, Possessive Hero, A Reporter and A Serial Killer Dual POV and on Kindle Unlimited Conspiracy Theory and an Online Game That Ends in Suicide It was interesting to see how the twins would do separated, but I think they handled it much better than I was expecting. I cant wait for Avi’s book and the ever expanding world of the Mulvany’s. Another addition that is brutal and dark but also cozy. Easy to read and just get lost in their world if you can handle relationships that move faster than the speed of light, but weirdly works in the best way. This is part of a character series, and you get so many cameos from previous characters as all their lives are weaved together in a growing found family. ⭐️4/5 3/5
How does this series keep getting better and better? And am I the only one who need some more primal play books after this one? So hot! Since the first book I’ve wanted more of the twins and Asa’s story exceeded my expectations! I really loved the dynamic between Asa and Zane, they were such a great match for each other. The way this story overlapped with the novella was neat as well and I liked that we got to see little glimpses of the other Mulvaney’s and their guys. As usual there’s some great dialogues and the things the characters say are just hilarious at times. I always laugh out loud at the absurd stuff that the murderous psychopaths consider to be “normal” when it’s far from it. I appreciated that Zane’s sass and the banter between the characters were on point too. I wish that there was more about the connection between Asa and Avi, I’ve always been curious about them but we didn’t get a lot of insight into their way of communicating – maybe in Avi’s book? A girl can always dream… So, if you haven’t checked out this series yet I wholeheartedly recommend it! Murderous vigilante psychopaths, scorching hot sex with some kink thrown in and hilarious banter – you’re always in for a wild ride with these guys!
Just when I think Onley James can’t possibly do it again, SHE DOES! Who knew I had a kink for primal play?? I certainly had no idea, but now I do! Headcase (Necessary Evils #4/KU) centers around one of the psychopathic, murder twins, Asa, and his hot as hell hookup with the slightly nerdy Zane. Unbeknownst to Asa, Zane is a crime blogger who thought he would do some “checking up” on the Mulvaney’s hoping to land a big break in his career. However, things don’t go as planned and Zane’s world is turned on its axis, in the most delicious of ways. This story is loaded with not only the hot, creative sex I crave and come to expect from Onley, thank you Onley LOL, but layers upon layers of personal growth and understanding of themselves and one another and those around them, in their own unique psychopathic ways, and that to me is a sign of an excellent writer! Once again, Onley hits a heavy topic in such a graceful way. (Please be mindful of the triggers.) She only gets graphic when we need her to be and we generally cheer her on at that point and she always handles the more delicate moments with care. There are so many fabulous lines in this book that my bookmarks have bookmarks. I love all of the Mulvaney’s and the end of this book along with the epilogue and bonus epilogue has left me wanting so so so much more!! No pressure Onley!! LOL If you haven’t read her freebie, Damaged, I highly recommend you do so prior to reading this book. It is fabulous and will most definitely enlighten you!
First, I have to say I don’t get all the hate surrounding this book. The only thing I can think of is that the “bedroom” bits were a bit more intense than the previous books. What do you expect with two psychopathic twins though? Until this book I really didn’t have an interest in Ava or Asa. Nothing against them I just felt like we didn’t really have enough information on them yet for me to be completely invested. Now, I am 100% invested in both boys. Even though we didn’t get much of Ava in this book I know now that his book is going to be just as good as this one. Asa Mulvaney was sort of an enigma even at the end of this book. We learned so much about him, but he is still a mystery wrapped in a Swiss roll. He was fierce and protective over Zane from basically the minute they met, and I am finding the deeper I go into this series; I don’t hate the instalove thing. Their obsessions and the cravings they have murder make it seem almost normal that they would attach themselves to one person and call it a day. It took me awhile to endear myself to Zane Scott. His story was heartbreaking but there was just something about him that nagged me until almost the middle of the book. I never doubted his feelings for Asa or vice versa. Even after finishing this book, I can’t put my finger on why he bothered me so much. One of my favorite things about Headcase was the mystery around their “subject”. I felt like there was more of a mystery around this book than there has been in the others. Yeah, there has been some case they were solving but I felt like we just got more out of this one. I adore this series!! There have been a couple like more than others, but I really enjoyed this one and I am looking forward to the next three books. The Mulvaney’s have wormed their way into my twisted heart!!


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