Heart of Siren By D. N. Leo

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Heart of Siren By D. N. Leo


Book/Novel Author: D. N. Leo

Book/Novel Title: Heart of Siren

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***When Merworld rises, Earth sinks.***
The last thing Jo wants is to return to Earth and be confronted by the reality she has left behind. The multiverse is her home now, where she has a perfect life and a perfect husband.
*But her friend will die if she doesn’t recover an artifact she buried on Earth before she left.*
When the quick mission turns into a battle with an elusive world under the deep water, she has to decide where her true home actually is. *What does she have to sacrifice to protect those she loves?*
**Merworld** is a romantic fantasy trilogy in the Multiverse Collection. If you love sophisticated stories, non-stop action, intriguing supernatural mystery, Merworld is the trilogy for you.
Prequel: Pisces
Book 1: Heart of Siren
Book 2: Dream of Siren
Book 3: Karma of Siren

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